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Interview with Joe & Chuck Downey

Fri, 25 Mar 2011|



[MUSIC] Hi this is Bobby Halton and we're at FDIC 2011. We just wrapped up the opening program and I'm here with Joe and Chuck Downey, Ray Downey's sons and we just gave out the 2011. Chuck, Ray, Chuck, Ray Downey Courage and Valour Award, and what a, what a great day. And a great moment in the legacy of Ray and we had a young man Pete Demero who won this year from the [UNKNOWN] 180, 138. >> 132. >> 132 in Brooklyn. And what a, what an amazing, what an amazing story. What'd you think of this young man? >> What I'd seen in the video. You don't get to see too many rescues first hand, do you Mr. President? In my 26 years on the job, I've never seen or been involved with a rescue like that. That was pretty incredible. >> Now, that's, that's under your command, right? >> No, it's not. Our command was there. The firefighter was on the aerial ladder as part of our command, but. That's a, a division where Chuck actually worked. >> And that was, that's firefighter 11 was on, that's where your guys and that's your division. >> Actually, the first two engine company at his job was one of my original company that I was born into, so 35 engines. >> Oh man. So this thing had all kinds of. . >> Yeah, that's an area that Chuck and I both worked in. You know to begin about careers in that area. >> Right. I mean, you always read stories and they sound great. Then you see this video, and you're like man they didn't capture it. [LAUGH] >> Mm-hm. >> Words don't do these kids don't do justice. >> No. >> It's hard to explain. >> Absolutely. >> You know, it's a hard field to explain. I I think your pop would've been really proud on that one. He woulda. He would've said Yeah I could. [INAUDIBLE] >> Yeah. I think he would, might of ,uh, tried a talked to him about coming over too. after a while. [LAUGH] >> Grab somebody. [CROSSTALK] >> Now you know where he's headin'. [LAUGH] >> Well, actually I, I was speaking to the Lieutenant from 132 and he mentioned that the officer in rescue 2 that night was one of my dads [INAUDIBLE]. >> Oh my gosh. >> And he mentioned in his time on the job. That was the best rescue he ever saw, gave the man 30 plus years rescued two, anytime you rescue two right now. >> I got more calls, I got more calls on that grab than any other grab I've ever had. In part because I know a lot of you guys maybe, everybody, Bobby Ingraham, Sal Casano, Chief [UNKNOWN], they all of them were saying. We're not this story out of Brooklyn, and that's all, all everybody was all over it. Dugan called me, you gotta hear this story, he goes, and I'm telling you the guys that are telling the story are guys that are not easily impressed. You know? Eh, you did a great crowd, eh, it's our job or whatever, it's like no, this ain't your job. Yeah. >> Burning alive is not your job. >> Yeah. >> Wonderful, wonderful. And your mom came this year, that was fantastic. She looks great. >> Yeah, she's doing great. I think she actually enjoyed being back here ten years later. >> Well, she's welcome any time. Your whole, whole family's welcome any time, you know that. You're always. We're always honored to have you here. And anything we can do for the family, you know, it's no. One of these years I'll get out to the island. Remember Father's Day on Long Island, Dix Hills. >> Deer Park. >> Deer Park, I'm sorry. I always get those two mixed up. >> Right next to each other. >> Right next to each other. >> [LAUGH] >> They are. The, that's true. But Deer Park and the, now the, the field now is named after your dad, right? >> Yes. >> Yeah. >> The Ray. [INAUDIBLE] >> The Ray Downey Sports Complex? >> Yeah. [UNKNOWN] OK and it's fathers day and it's A 5 K. >> Yep June 19th this year and we'll have over probably 2300 runners and it's a big family day we'll have a BBQ A lot of things going it's a great day. >> And I promise you this year I have a good shot at it. Because New York state chiefs is like the week before. So I can just drive down that way, get to see mom, I hang out. >> You bring your son and you guys win the father, son award there. >> Yeah. You know, one of my sons is going to be home too. The other two will be deployed but my middle son will be available. >> The ringer. >> And he is a ringer. >> I know it. >> He's a real ringer. [INAUDIBLE] That'll be great. That'll be great. Yeah. >> So what else is going on, everything's good? >> Yeah. Things are going well, things are going well in fact. >> I just saw where the department just bought all new ladders in for our corporation that would be custom built for you guys. That, that, that's great to hear, you know? That that'- >> They're also building us rescue rigs for our in and out. >> Oh, that's right. >> Yep, one should be coming out within the next month or so. I think we rescued five maybe ten. >> Right they're doing them five, four, three, two, one? >> I'm not sure, but new engine five's getting the first one. It should be ready very shortly. >> Someone's explaining the pecking, pecking order on that for me [CROSSTALK] >> I think rescue three's is at the exhibit today. >> Oh, okay. >> It'll be out there today or tonight, whenever they open them. >> Well, that's great to hear. So, things, things are starting to come back. We're starting to buy things again. You know, for a while there it's you were wondering when the, when the money was gonna come back to the fire service, and I think it's starting to come back. >> Yeah. >> Drips and drabs it's gonna be a little different, but it's gonna come back. The economy does this. Yeah, people, people will say things that, you know, things are gonna get worse. Great guess. And then they're gonna get better, you know. >> You have to be optimistic. >> Yeah, be optimistic. You, you have to pick optimism or courage. I'm going. >> [CROSSTALK] >> I'm going with optimism. >> Would you- >> Well look at this, look at this, it's fantastic. Now you were scheduled to present. >> Yes. [LAUGH] Didn't work out. >> So next year we're gonna get you back? Don't get that on camera. I don't know. >> [CROSSTALK] And you heard what happened? Larry got deployed. >> Yes. I know. I spoke to him. >> Yeah. Yeah. >> He emailed. >> So he was in Japan. >> We'll see, but we'll definitely be back here to present the reward, definitely be back to present every year. >> That's all we can ask, all we can ask. So remember, the courage, Courage and Valor Fun Run is here at FDIC. That's every Thursday night at FDIC every year. And this'll be, we've got 750 runners signed up so far. >> Wow. >> As of today. So that's growing. And then Father's Day, June 19, Deer Park, Raymond Downey Sports Complex, get signed up early and come out and have a great Father's Day. There's nothing better than running with your son. Did it my whole life and. I I wear your dad's jacket still [UNKNOWN] with the black one. Wear it all the time and that's [INAUDIBLE] that's such a great honor to have. It's one of my most treasured piece of clothing. I always wear it. So. People get let me tell you about this guy. I'm like a typical Oklahoman. Don't ask them. [LAUGH] Now I call myself an Okie. And my mom got pissed off. You're a New Yorker. >> Yeah, always. >> Too crowded. It can never be too crowded here. >> [LAUGH] >> But thanks again. >> Alright Bobby, great to see you. >> Joe. >> Great job out there Bobby. >> If you're not at FDIC this year, you missed a great opening ceremony. Mike Dugan did a keynote that'll be talked about for years to come, it was really inspiring. Tomorrow we're gonna be streaming the keynotes live again. So tune in and we'll see you here next year at 2012 with Joe and Chuck Downey and the Ray Downey 2012 Courage and Valor presentation.