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Interview with Joe & Chuck Downey

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Fri, 25 Mar 2011|


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I just thought -- FDIC 2000 violently disrupt that the opening program here with Joe and shut down -- -- any -- we just gave up to 2011. -- -- -- -- Tony carriage of valor award and but what a great day. Great moment like this you re in. We had a young man he -- one this year from letter when he was 38. -- 32 Brooke. What an amazing when an amazing story. Which weakness -- You won't see in the video. It is too many -- firsthand its -- When he -- his job I've never seen nothing wrong with the rest. Yeah that's that's a New York man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was Pittsburgh Portland was that's when your guys and -- your division. I -- actually the first when his company whose job was when my company that was point. It's only is this thing had all kinds. Think it -- that's an area that chuck and I both. You know European countries who. You do is read stories and some great that he sees that he. He captured that they -- students -- don't do justice and it's hard to explain. Listen so are you planning to -- -- really problem. Use -- yeah I think you it might have. China talked about coming over to the the patriots but I had no reason. Speaking -- them. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Your service to that -- was when it. With investments it's. -- -- -- -- -- Locals have more calls the group that -- you there. Grandma. Or because they -- Being groomed so this she to oversee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody was just -- and just do Google you hear that story. Isn't it guys its own story you guys really easily and friends. You know isn't indexing -- -- great craft talk. This is like noticing. Burning alive business America. What are what are your mom came here that she looks good. -- -- that you actually enjoy the bank continues but she's welcome. You. You loans. Was the years and he can we can do them. Managers -- -- -- the from her Father's Day on islands Dix Hills. You parked your car comes. Through it right now if that's true -- -- -- -- -- you know. You know named after you can read it yet. It's the region's sports complex. -- -- Okay and it's Father's Day ends it's case that June 19 this year and -- although it probably twenty Angeles. -- family day Barbeque. I think it's great date and and probably -- -- got a good shot. As we actually achieves like we report. I could just drive definitely fits the moment you bring his son as in the fall to subtly. And it releases going to be home -- the -- that to be deployed that the McDonald's -- He is doing he's and now he he's a real regular. That a -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's -- real. World. -- department just. -- for our corporation custom build you. But that's that's great to hear. They're also -- us rescue teams. Only now. Oh that's -- should be coming out -- with the next month so the question I really did do 543 through them and should do it -- cars. She's a very -- -- was explaining their careers pecking order on that form him and I think -- freezes at the exhibit today. We'll. Be out there today -- when -- -- let's -- -- of things are things are started Barack star I things again. You know for a while and it's really. When he was gonna come -- our service and these. Troops dreams it's to build them for. This is -- economy business. If people say things these videos. Great guests that we need to get. Are you optimistic. That the optimism occurred. -- I'm all this nonsense and you were scheduled to present. Yes. It didn't work out so next year do we get back. In the camera I don't know if people -- yeah welcome. -- it's easier to her without. Larry -- yes -- So you load. Susan. Let's go -- death would be back here isn't he was also present present that's -- so so it's. So remember the courage your courage your -- -- his -- and DIC that's every Thursday night and FDIC every year the city. We've got 750 runners and -- so -- -- as of today. So that's grown. -- Father's Day June 19 Deer Park Raymond Downey sports complex. Get signed up early and come under great -- there's nothing better than room there's constantly. And I'm I'm wearing your dad's jackets still run like -- the world. That's just ahead. Such a great honor. -- most treasured pieces of -- Duplicate it was let's. From the typical Oklahoma don't ask. No I call -- -- Hokies. When mom got -- stuff yeah. And beyond. Just on the removes you from you it -- crowd -- an -- -- Thanks again. -- great to see you just job out. United FDIC this year you missed a great opening ceremonies like student that a key you know he's talked about for years to come -- really inspiring. Tomorrow we're gonna be streaming that he notes is alive against -- -- -- and we'll -- -- -- next year 2012. -- and shut down Ian. Reed -- 2012. Courage -- this week.