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Today at FDIC 2011: Friday

Sat, 26 Mar 2011|

Bobby Halton wraps up FDIC 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.



[SOUND] It's Friday at FDIC and things are wrapping up in the classroom sessions. We had some fantastic classes. They've finished up. Everybody had a great time. Fantastic reviews. We had about 28,000 students go through classes so far this year. Right now the Battle of the Bands is raging out there on the [INAUDIBLE] stadium floor. Thousands of people packed in there. We have this memorial stair climb run with 343 firefighters that will climb 110 flights of stairs in memory of the 9/11 heroes. Last night we had the 5K fun run, [INAUDIBLE] and we had about 600 runners make it out to that. All in all it has been. Incredible week, one more day to go. This service will be open all day tomorrow. Can't wait to get out on the floor, see some fantastic equipment. It's wall to wall firefighters everywhere, everywhere you look. Just a great time, if you didn't make it this year we feel awful for you. Make sure you get in here next year for 2012. If you weren't here today, Friday at FDIC here's a little bit of what you missed. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC]

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