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An Interview with Kevin Shea

Sat, 26 Mar 2011|

Diane Feldman interviews Fire Life's Kevin Shea at FDIC 2011.



Hi, I'm Diane Feldman. We're at FDIC in Indianapolis, and I was walking down the hall, and I ran into Kevin Shay, the legend, Kevin Shay, from the famous rope rescue in the nineties. Kevin, what are you doing here? >> Well, actually, she didn't just run into me, she's my boss here. I volunteer, and she wanted me to stand here and be on the camera, even if I don't wanna be. And we're doing some volunteer work. helping the class rooms run smoothly having a great time. Seeing a lot of the guy's i used to work with. Which is wonderful. It is just like my one senior year reunion. I am fortunate to come here every year and see all the guys from work. And also we're started A, what would you call the video column when Fire Life's on? I guess a column. >> Fire Life is a new feature on FireEngineering.com, which is all about lifestyles for firefighters when they're off duty. There are features for wives, kids, every kind of interest and endeavour that the fireman would be interested in, when he's off duty. And Kevin started a video column for us that runs twice a month. And it features Kevin hunting and fishing. Tell us a little bit about some of the videos you've shot so far. >> I'm having an absolute ball. My passion is bow hunting. But I do some fishing too. I've been hunting and fishing with some firefighters. We had a firefighters hunt in Texas was great. Bow hunting for hogs was a blast and I wanna remind everybody of my motto and how I feel about the fire service. I always thought I was meant to be a fireman, I was meant to be a retired fireman. This is so much better, I'm having a ball. So you can see some bow hunting clips on firelife.com. And hopefully, I can network with some other firefighters and we can swap hunts and swap fishing trips. It's a great time. Having a good time. >> Right. If you wanna chat with Kevin about hunting and fishing you can also go to the Fire Engineering Community. You can get all these tabs on the Fire Engineering Home Page. And you can talk to people around the country and the world about their hunting and fishing as well. Thank you. We're live at FDIC.

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