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An Interview with Kevin Shea

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Sat, 26 Mar 2011|

Diane Feldman interviews Fire Life's Kevin Shea at FDIC 2011.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am Diane Feldman or at FDIC in Indianapolis and I was walking them Hahn and I ran into Kevin say. Legend -- today -- -- -- famous rope rescue in the ninety's Kevin what are you doing. Well actually she industry and Antony she's -- -- here I volunteered she wouldn't be stand here in the Camry but I don't -- -- and we doing. Some volunteer work help in the classrooms runs smoothly had a great time it seemed like guys used to work with which is wonderful it's like -- once a year reunion. I'm fortunate to come here every year and -- all the guys from work. And also we started. A what -- you -- -- -- column on -- like. I guess. Fire -- visit new feature on fire engineering dot com which is all about lifestyles for firefighters -- -- off duty. There are features for our wives kids every kind of interests and endeavor that the firemen would be interested in when he's off the eighty. And Kevin started a video column -- that runs twice a month and it features Kevin hunting and fishing does a little bit about some of the. Videos you've shot so far. I'm having an absolute ball my passion is bow hunting. But I do some fishing to. Apartment hunting and fishing with some firefighters we had a firefighters from Texas was -- -- -- fox was a blast and want to remind everybody of my motto and how I feel about that fire service. I was there has meant to be -- and I was meant to be retired fineman this is so much better I'm having a ball. So you can see some bow hunting clips on -- -- dot com and hopefully I can network with some of the five that is and we can -- punts and spot fishing trips it's a great time having a good time. If you want to chat with Kevin about hunting and fishing you can also go to the fire engineering community you can get all these tabs on the fire engineering homepage. And -- -- and talk to people around the country in the world about their hunting and fishing as well. Thank you are live at FDIC.

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