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Carrying a Portable Saw up a Portable Ladder

Mon, 11 Apr 2011|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates different ways of carrying a portable saw up a portable ladder for roof operations.



[MUSIC] [MUSIC] I'm Mike Ciampo welcome to this segment of training minutes. In this segment we're going to go over ways of carrying a portable power saw up a portable ladder. If we have no saw sling firefighter is going to have to find a well balanced position to grab the saw. And begin to climb the ladder it's very important that he doesn't climb rung to rung. He has to maintain contact with the ladder at three points of contact with the ladder. As he climbs he'll slide his left hand up the rail like [UNKNOWN] has sought out. We have to be careful once we reach the fly section of the ladder that the saw doesn't garb and get caught. You have to maintain this saw out. Some fire fighters prefer maybe going with the underhand grip so it's out a little further. It's a little bit awkward there's a balance you have a chance of hitting yourself in the leg. It may be better to use a sling once we attach the saw sling there's a couple of different ways to carry the saw up the portable ladder. One is just throwing it over one's shoulder. Throws it over his shoulder, he maintains his grip on the ladder, he can slide. Problem is, a lot of times the saw has a natural ability to swing around right up your hip, watch your tank. Cause you to lose your balance, it's a little bit more difficult. You might have to lean to one side of the ladder. But, it's an achievable method of climbing. Another technique when using the saw sling is for the firefighter to remove his helmet and throw it across his back and shoulders. It'll keep the saw right in back on the tank of the SCBA and should be out of the way while we climb the portable ladder. [SOUND] Now you can maintain full hand control up the ladder as you slide the rails, and the saw is out of the way. Remember prior to getting off the ladder the firefighter should stay on the roof with the hand tool and then again with his bodies weight. Ensuring that roof stability is fine [SOUND] here's a quick little safety tip when operating on a roof. Other than just standing there holding the hook when we're near the edge, the firefighter can use it as a safety railing. He'll take the head of the hook, smack it into the asphalt shingle or the roof sheathing or to the edge, and it can prevent a firefighter from stepping off the roof. I'm Mike Ciampo, thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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