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Carrying a Portable Saw up a Portable Ladder

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Mon, 11 Apr 2011|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates different ways of carrying a portable saw up a portable ladder for roof operations.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My -- welcome this segment trends. In this segment or over ways carrier portable power saw a portable lap. We have no source sling -- that -- -- well Brown's position to grab the Sula. And begin to climb the -- it's very important. That he doesn't climb on -- wrong. It has maintain contact with the latter and three points contact with the Latin. She climbs. Those slide his left hand at the rail. Like congress or out. To be careful once we reached -- fly section latter the disorders and wrap -- -- Yet to maintain the sought out. Some firefighters prefer. Their -- with the underhand grip sought out a little for a it's a little bit awkward. Bounce every chance it yourself -- a lag there may be better to use a slowing. Once it catches source -- a couple of different ways for firepower to -- sought deportable. One agers are over one shoulder. Throws -- show group maintains his grip on the latter you can -- -- there's a lot of time to survive as a natural ability to swing around the want to -- -- -- Want your tank. Accords Hoosier balanced little bit more difficult. Numerically and once -- in the latter. -- it's conceivable method climbing. Another technique when using the solar slowing -- -- fire -- remove his helmet. And -- crosses back and shoulders. You -- -- -- -- back on the tank. With the SEB -- as should be our way. -- -- -- -- -- -- humanitarian. We'll have been taught the latter -- -- slides aroused. And so was the way. Remember prior to getting off the latter part emerged on the roof with the hand tool. And again with his body's weight insuring -- -- abilities -- Here's a quick little safety -- when operating -- -- roof. Other than just stand there holding -- California the edge to 500 uses -- safety real. We'll take. Smacked it into the actual launch angle are the roof sheathing or to the edge. They -- -- firefighter from stepping off the roof. -- -- Jabrel specialize in this segment return.