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Tue, 12 Apr 2011|


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I -- Mike leader with fire protection publications and Oklahoma state university and also the international fire service training association. Which is based on our office at Oklahoma State University. We're the largest publisher -- firefighter training materials in North America and I've been doing that since 1934. We have a long tradition in training firefighters in the long tradition -- FDIC what we're filming this video today. Gets an FBP have been participants and FDIC for many many years and an interesting bit of trivia it's. That in the -- three -- four decades of FDIC it was strictly seminars and outside demonstrations. In the late 1960s. -- publishing and fire protection publications and that's -- asked if we can put tables displaying our books. In the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis where -- conference is being held. That was actually the first exhibit that FDIC and the tremendous trade should be -- day all started because -- our two companies asking the potter books on the table. We've blown way past that as the years since then. For a large full service publishing organization. Within a state government function in Oklahoma State University. We published over forty different validated manuals and many other maintenance electronic training products curriculum. And other things that firefighters and fire service leaders need to train their firefight. Of an -- note that happened in 2010. -- largest selling book essentials of firefighting. Which is designed to prepare firefighters to meet the requirements Atlantic 8001. Firefighter one and firefighter to. Book a major milestone when we sold its two million copies since -- relates -- the first edition in 1978. It is by far the largest selling -- most widely used. Fire training manual in the history and American fires. That was -- -- and I've I've known Mike leader since he was a student at Oklahoma State University. And it's been so great to work with him as he's gone through if the fire protection publications. My name's Dennis Compton. And and I serve on the board of directors. Of this that I have since 1982. And I've been part of this fire protection publications since 1978. I've written several books over the years for its I've also shared it's the committees for for the manuals that have been written and I can tell you that that. In the entire fire service education industry you're not gonna find any better products than what you could -- -- -- -- So I encourage you to go online become familiar with their products. There are most most firefighters already are. There's hardly any who haven't seen and it's the man you know and I would hope that you would -- -- be among those -- use of record. I want to thank you on behalf of the staff -- fire protection publications in the executive board membership of the international -- through training association. -- supporting and using it -- -- for over 75 years. We continue to develop new -- to improve the existing ones all for the benefit of your education and safety. Thank you very much.

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