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Industrial Fire Brigades: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Tue, 19 Apr 2011|

Describes heat-resistant work uniforms and safety shoes, the elements of personal protective clothing for firefighting and their protection from hazards. Shows special clothing situations plus organization and responsibilities for the care of gear.


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Welcome to this -- course from -- training systems. All of the learning objectives included in the full course harvested on screen. You'll be shown -- sample of these sections in this stem a complete listing of course content is available on her website. Fire brigade members must be constantly aware of the limits of their protective clothing. In fact over confidence in the protective equipment has become a problem in recent years contributing to brigade member injuries and deaths. Keep in mind that firefighting turnout -- is not designed for some hazardous material emergencies. And very high radiant heat fires. In Hazmat -- -- recent incidents certain chemicals will dissolve. And deteriorate the outer fabric of turnout coats and pants and some chemical gases can penetrate this seal. Of the SE BA based peace. Incidents involving hazardous materials may require specially designed chemical suits that protect against the specific hazard of the incident. There are different NFPA standards that set requirements for these forms a protective clothing. For close proximity fire fighting against high radiant heat fires. Some fire brigade members are issued special proximity protective clothing. The proximity suit has a reflective outer covering to reflect radiant heat. Another special situation for fire brigade members is working in traffic. In these circumstances. And -- compliant high visibility best should be warned. Thank you for choosing to do this demo program. For more information about the full line over 200 course offerings. Available from actually training systems visit our website at www. Action -- training dot com. Or contact us at 1800. 7551440. Pentium three.

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