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Industrial Fire Brigades: Access & Forcible Entry

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Tue, 19 Apr 2011|

From Action Training Systems. Demonstrates the special tools and techniques used to access areas in emergencies when entry is not possible by normal means. Shows types of forcible entry tools as well as their uses, through-the-lock forcible entry along with forcible entry on swinging doors, ...


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Welcome to this -- -- from -- in training systems. All of the learning objective. Included in the full course are listed on screen. You'll be -- sample of these sections in -- -- A complete listing of course content is available on her website. Most industrial sites have restricted areas to keep personnel away from hazardous conditions. Or to provide security for certain operations. Or processes. Brigade members should know the restricted areas of their site through pre incident plans and how to access these areas in emergencies. Fences are one way that industrial properties restrict access to exterior areas. Knowledge of the construction features of the -- on your site will help if you should be divorced entry through them. Be sure you're equipped to handle what you'll encounter once -- forced entry through a fence. Many sites have security measures to stop intruders. Metal fences can be cut with bolt cutters. -- -- -- -- to reduce the danger of injuries from with oil and to provide plenty of space for brigade members and equipment to pass. Electronic locking devices are often used to restrict access to interior areas. Once again pre incident planning is the key. Thank you for choosing to do this demo program. For more information about the full line over 200 course offerings. Available from -- training systems visit our website at www. Action dash Trane dot com. Or contact us at 1807551440. Into three.

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