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Advancing 2 1/2-Inch Hose

Mon, 18 Apr 2011|

Ray McCormack discusses advancing a 2 1/2-inch hoseline into a commercial building.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Ray McCormack and welcome to Training Minutes. In this episode, we're going to be stretching a two and a half inch line into a commercial building. We've laid out our lead length a particular way to make our advance that much easier. A two and a half inch hose is very hard to move away. ...By making a loop in our lead length we're able to advance much easier into the fire occupancy. We won't be dragging as much hose along behind us. This loop will assist us with the forward motion of the line, enough to get us at least 25 feet in they'll be able to advance, just by themselves, the nozzle team... We're gonna place the first coupling back between links one and two right near the entrance to the occupancy and then fold our line back on itself and bring the nozzle towards the occupancy door. This does two things, it'll give us a measurement of how far in we are once we get in. And also leaves half the hose at rest, while we're pulling only half the line in. If the line is left on the street as it normally might be, you're gonna be dragging a lot more hose around with you to make that initial entry. In this particularly stretch, the nozzle team has not laid out the first coupling close to the entrance way. It is farther away. We're going to pick up a lot of friction trying to advance into this occupancy by this nozzle team. [BLANK_AUDIO] Commercial building fires are difficult all by themselves. We don't need our hose line operation to make it any more difficult. If we lay out the hose in a nice U shape pattern right in front of the main entrance door, our initial entry to the store will be much easier. You want to make it easy for yourself initially. It's gonna get more difficult as you advance deeper into the occupant site. Use this hose layout technique at your next commercial building fire. And I guarantee you a smoother, quicker, and easier advance. I'm Ray McCormick, and this has been Training Minutes. [MUSIC]