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Rope Slide Window Bailout

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Tue, 3 May 2011|

Paulie Capo discusses bailing out a window using personal escape rope.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello Paula capital and welcome the -- minutes. This episode we're gonna accomplish another window -- this time the ropes like we're gonna use millimeter personalized April. To -- window from an -- story. Like matching the previous segments we're gonna to a corporate and did bring into our our first about altering. We feel like we're going to die we transition from -- -- bring to work to bring. We're teaching the ropes like we're going if you -- with the beginning a middle and and with this talking -- information. The pick an overwhelming drill and makes it three smaller more achievable goals thus allowing him that bring through -- information. Now we don't want Bryant got the ropes like. First up and secure accurate. Our question at the door for protection and then use the -- spot tanker. There are many -- choices that could be accomplished. At a few should be practiced. The next step is tradition through the window while placing the rope around your body you're body will serve as the friction device. Lasted a firefighter like at the window. You want to make sure that your hands clear -- cell. You belly and that's still what -- let -- -- -- believe. In this demonstration in the firefight -- railway to the ground. But it says you're hired Atlanta bureau going to go floor to -- the fire. This is the ropes like that -- -- spot to globe for -- dedication of our but it -- in the Bible and that Petersburg college barker and that. Boy -- well and -- wanted threatening.