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Rope Slide Window Bailout

Tue, 3 May 2011|

Paulie Capo discusses bailing out a window using personal escape rope.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hello. I'm Paulie Capo and welcome to Training Minutes. In this episode, we're gonna accomplish another window bail-out, this time, the rope slide. We're gonna use eight millimeter personal escape rope to exit a window from an upper storey. Like we mentioned in the previous segments, we're going to incorporate the mid-brain into our firefighter survival training. When we feel like we're going to die we transition from our fore brain to our mid brain. When teaching the rope slide we're going to teach it with a beginning, a middle and an end. With this chunking of information, it takes an overwhelming drill and makes it 3 smaller more achievable goals thus allowing the mid brain to retain all information. Now we're gonna watch Brian attempt the rope slide. The first step is to secure an anchor. Firefighter shuts the door for protection and then uses the wall stud for an anchor. There are many anchor choices that could be accomplished and a few should be practiced [SOUND] The next step is a transition to the window while placing the rope around your body. Your body will serve as the friction device. Lastly, the firefighter will exit the window. You want to make sure that your hands clear the sill, your belly on the sill and let your leg be last to leave. [BLANK_AUDIO] In this demonstration the fire fighter made his way all the way to the ground. But in case you're higher than the length of your rope, you'll only need to go a floor or two below the fire. This was the rope slide, and I'd like to thank our sponsor Globe, for their dedication to fire fighter safety and survival. At St. Petersburg College Fire Training Center. I'm Paulie Capo, and thank you for watching Training Minutes. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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