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Fire Escapes

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Mon, 9 May 2011|

Mike Ciampo reviews procedures for firefighters operating on fire escapes.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm march apple -- in this segment trends. And error over some procedures on the fires. There's numerous several matters on fire -- of the drop latter -- -- the gruesome -- latter -- the top. We're gonna release the drop latter many drivers are taught to stand out front. The drop letters held by -- -- counterweight we go up delicious. And release it. As we step fact many times the latter might -- the tracks that may be old war dilapidated. The good fallout and dangerous. Our pleasure try to maintain their position. We -- the fire escape. -- you reserve the lift up the release. And -- -- is gonna come down at the latter flaws average tracks. You're protected. By the fires. Barbara -- this -- he's gonna lift up the release that Iraq. Now you have a lot of weight here you don't want to -- -- and try to. Carry it all way down she's gonna come down with some force and speed there's gonna gonna -- that releases as it comes down. So cuts are coming -- -- step. For protection. There's -- type of fire escape again is dropped latter some barbers are taught education climate drop latter. Beneath the fire escape and then rotate around that's a real problem again it could force the latter -- -- you do -- your -- your head up. On the bottom of the platform so you're better off climbing that dropped latter from out front. Also prior to climate -- shake made short in -- -- Before client put your body's weight on. Again these -- out weathered. The year round there's not much maintenance -- pain when you go to -- -- crucial -- climb in the middle. Try to keep your boots towards the outside. What this does. It keeps -- away at the wells. And distributes more if we get this bouncing motion. -- -- which -- then these -- that could force we come out. We're gonna ban -- remember laureate that are dropped latter -- our hand tools and using outlook on their -- to help mark -- Lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Begin to proceed up to the next level. You take our talk. It is look it up by next route -- -- -- antelope. And -- and -- to the next level. Remember as a go to proceed up the stairwell the fires gave. It's the -- tapes have been exposed to -- element here around maintenance is very poor -- LA paint these things. We don't want to run up this Saturn. And bounce up these fares. We want to do is to maintain our feet the outside of the stringers just like we're -- at that house that has fired damaged -- stairwell. Why distributed to wait near the edge that's where the support of the stairs will be. -- -- -- Or go to the outside. So we don't break wanted to treads. As -- going -- maintain one here. -- and on the railing service tread does break. You don't fall Florida flyers -- Remember once -- here for -- retrieve -- -- I wouldn't have to carry out bring it back up its -- work. My chat room actually watched -- trends.