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EOne at FDIC 2011

Fri, 13 May 2011|



[MUSIC] Welcome to the E-One booth at the FDIC 2011. I'm standing in front of our, flag ship launch product. This is the eMAX. This is a truck that gives you, maximum maneuverability with a short wheel base. Maximum storage capacity max, maximum accessibility with greater economics that's on the truck. And from a pumping performance standpoint maximum pumping performance. By the way that this truck came around for us today was after very thorough research through the market. We talked to many fire departments all over the country,. And we asked them what they liked about whichever manufacturer's apparatus they had. The things and the features that they liked, the things that they didn't like. The job that they do today, you know less than 8% of our our runs today are actually for fires, and most is around rescue. And and medical requirements. So we said what, what is it that works, and what doesn't work. We took all that information and we came up with the eMAX. Really what we we learn from this is the rescue capability drives maximum componentation requirements. When you do medical rescue, medical and rescue maneuverability is a big issue getting into some of the locations, so shoulder wheel space. Wheelbase requirements. A lot of tool requirements to be carried, so the extra compartmentation. And then the last thing was a severe duty interior. So what we've got here today is the e mac, from E-One. And you can see inside of the cab here we've got a taut severe duty interior. Zoloctone coated aluminum all the way throughout. the, polyurethane material used here actually wears better than diamond plate. This is the same material the Disney use on the floor of their rides, wo we know that this works. [UNKNOWN] with this stainless steel, interior door linings. We got the same front and back for medical cabinets. We got. The side access from the outside as well as interior access [UNKNOWN] medical cabinets. But all of these things that we do are in a custom configuration. So any seating position, cabinet requirement, any of those things that you need to do we can make that happen. Well the trick here is for us is shrinking the space that is taken up by the pump panel. And so we have a 1,500 gallon a minute pump. The resides is low-key/gis locked on to the frame rails. It's got custom caste manifolding to bring you in it It allows us to have ergonomic height to the preconnects, they're not too low, they're not too high, there's no cut outs in the cab to bash your shoulders on that we see in other places. We've also got very low crosslays for the speedlays so you can get our for your handlines very easy. A connection for car fires, etcetera. The control panel here. Very simple layout, nice and compressed. [SOUND] The whole thing's behind a closed door so we keep it clean and keep it available. And then that releases a tremendous amount of storage space. So you can see here that the amount of compartmentation, we can go up to 538 cubic feet of storage. Say 178 inch wheel base on this version. We can go down to 162 inch wheel base and we can make this thing as long as you'd like it to be to to extend there. Flexible tool board applications. Slide out tool boards. Tilt and lock trays. Major storage that reside in the back. Two ladder internal storage. We've got a relatively low hose bed height. But if 8% of your runs or less are for fire the other features in the truck are actually what's going to be used 90, 92% of the time, 93% of the time. And so a slightly higher hose bed than in a lower configuration. Is actually the compromise that we learn. Many departments are prepared to make to get the other features that reside within the vehicle. As we follow around the other side here you can see the, the the max theme of extra compartmentation continues to be here. Cuff the, cuff and storage on the roof, those is enormous. And allows you for those larger rescue tools, the long handled tools that are used on a less frequent basis to be included. And as we roll through here again, you can see pre-connects on the other side again, with the low storage all the way through to medical compartments that match on both sides of this particular truck. Here are the trucks that we're featuring here today. We've got 137 foot ladder. It's the tallest ladder in North America. 750 pound tip load. Can float 1,250 gallons of water [UNKNOWN] this particular vehicle. And again, custom configurations. The, talk box on this is the frame rails, very low center of gravity that allows you to do a, cross [UNKNOWN] outriggers. The reach that you can get from this really increases your rescue capability. And it's unmatched by anybody else in the market. The last truck we've got here is a, featured the show, is an out and out custom truck. Was done fo west metro Minnesota, they actually ordered four of these from us plus a heavy rescue. This is the first truck off the line, it's on our quest chassis, the quest gives you increased visibility. You can see a person full, floor to height, only 12 feet in front of the in front of the cab so it's the best visibility that resides on the marketplace. This thing's absolutely loaded with complete [UNKNOWN] LED lights. We've got two cameras on the front night vision. We've got CAF system, 1,500 gallon a minute pump. Un, it's top mountain close with a full electronic pump panel, that resides inside for those mo, Minnesota conditions. About every one of the cabinets is aluminum PegBoard lines, so all of your tools can be locked down with complete security. This is a true custom vehicle. And that's really what we've got in the main vehicles here for the show. We you guys came and visited with us. We've had tremendous traffic. We continue to enjoy a premium quality in the vehicles that we produce. in the last six months and all of our final deliveries with final inspection with fire departments. With 60% of the vehicles with zero gigs at final inspection which I believe is unmatched by anybody else in the industry today. We've averaged .8 of 1 gig across all deliveries. So our ongoing focus over the last several years on getting the configuration of the truck right, we build what you want us to build, we build it on time, we build it to the best possible quality. It's starting to pay off and, so we'd like to thank all of our customers, we'd like to invite anybody who's not enjoyed the E-One experience to come and join us. And we've got a great show on the Idan safe a very successful 2011. [MUSIC]

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