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Crimson at FDIC 2011

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Fri, 13 May 2011|


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Hi welcome to that's 111 FDIC either crimson fire -- my name's bill -- On a -- me in here we've got some pretty exciting things going on one thing that brings to mind is the acquisition a classic fire. What that means for -- is an expanded product portfolio. We now have full product -- in debt. What we've got with that is full range of products. First and foremost we've got our star series which is fully customizable. We've got our legends series which -- our modular approach. And we've got our classic series which is our price point product from the entry level. Behind me we've got -- transformers series this is our. New entry into the firefighting product we've got pump -- in the mid -- point of the truck here. One thing that we've done with this if we've enhanced our compartment patient we've shortened up the -- for maneuverability. We've given -- a firefighter a solution. It's not just about the pump it's about the entire product. What you'll see as you walk through the -- Is well rounded versatility for all of the firefighting needs. What that I'm gonna turn over the walk around for our products to our chief operating Officer Jim -- Thanks bill for the nice introduction exciting times here that the -- Glad to have you join us. Like detective some really unique and some features that stand this above the rest. And we like to think above and beyond and we've got some things that we feel that way so it went out some of the features a very unique gallery system. But the crimson decided is that they are real products we needed more more leveling capability to deal with the extreme conditions a lot of fire departments face. So our product has been designed to level the truck and slopes of the fifteen degrees. -- the compact competition deals of about a five degree leveling capability to do that. We design a very unique -- -- your system which employs two cylinders one that lowers the housing of the cylinder and then extends the beam out at a very low level. Which then allows us raise the truck to a higher level and level the -- very effectively. We've also designed it to be very name -- friendly. By the way we design the end -- -- -- on the top of the hour or so services needed it's done very quickly. But struck also has a very unique -- feature which we call -- Latter. Leveling system. Basically what this does is is -- lift cradle that allows the -- to be lifted by the cradle not directly by the cylinders. Reduces the forces that are put into the latter. And allows us operated a negative ten degrees so we can actually raise and lower the letter to eighteen feet below horizontal in a river rescue. Situations very nice nice capability. Unique to -- that this drug is also very unique in that the customers very interested in very high water flows so we've got a specially designed water system. Which has increased diameter of the pipes which allows us to pull up to about 3000 gallons per minute discharged it. That's really important an area that has coverage in refinery and petrochemical areas such as this department. But the move over here and say something honor -- -- assisted. Assemblies. Problems that have plagued fire truck industry in latter's. Has been the ability to keep it clean in -- that have and operate smoothly. So we've done is designed a unique system. Which includes a series of four hours on -- -- the assembly. With the through staff. But that three staff doesn't -- that the evidence they aligned with the latter in this system basically eliminates the need to grease the latter. I've never seen a fireman yet the Padres in the latter was a good day. And did you read greasing it the curiously it is it's a painful process. Very very nice opportunity for the improved functionality reduces the hydraulic pressures and makes Letterman very smoothly. Awesome feature Patton and actually -- like crimson fire. The -- also other interesting little feature we call it a laser pointer outrigger indicator so we have to markers. Hi -- density laser lights are shot out. Diagonally. But this is use force to spot the position on the ground. Where the -- is gonna be place -- the -- will be shining here. In -- indicated that there so that the operator at the back and basically. Place the pad and then -- the gallery here in -- that he centered right up on the exact spot that he needs these that are. I could go on on this product for hours I don't think I'm allowed to talk that -- thanks. Thanks Jim hi I'm Dan White -- with -- -- in the classic series on the national sales manager for this product line. This product is what we're really excited about this is our game changing product in this business this is a classic fire fire -- MP. That is a 12150 GPM -- And a 150 he had -- cap system on at 515 many pump. This drug gives us all the capability and a classic comfort in a small 191500. GBW package we've guy. All the compartments nation requirements the -- load requirements. And also the pump requirements -- needed for classic pump. This truck has the crimson classic series cap system on it which is a simple one touch system. That is easy to use the easiest to use in the industry today. This truck is a great supplement. -- -- -- series and legends series bumpers. As great second run -- or back up front of that and even great trucks to run don't person in this -- And calls throughout other -- throughout the country. We like to thank you for combined -- their Booth today it's been a great experience for us at the -- -- great show for us this year. Thanks for coming by and take please take it kind of is -- -- -- -- dash fired dot com. Thank you.

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