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On the Scene: Joplin, MO

Wed, 25 May 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reports live on the scene from tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri.


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Yeah. Joplin Missouri it's the day after an F three your war. -- Joplin Missouri not the biggest storm yet but according to the reports. It just out over job literally tore. The town -- sentence about seven mile -- Right right now we're just leaving town called my -- Oklahoma. Which were -- -- -- months ago. This bombing. Ali appreciate your call me I'm about 25 miles out from Joplin right now I -- you you're you're. Well aren't -- all. Got this job and kept her. What well. How bad or that or -- right now I think they'll work. Thoughtful people. Political order they're they're great -- Forum -- sell off. They were -- or. Let you know that -- But yet you're welcome -- look what over the no. If you're Obama wants it. Outstanding I'll -- there -- about half hour 45 minutes or about 26 miles right now job more than that'll pretty. Heavy downpour and high -- us pretty severe lightning. -- threats or tornado. So what we understand the tornadoes that yesterday on top job about six miles. Going to be up task force out of Arkansas. Combined with a couple of other groups. Commercial structure of these boats from collapse. Possible reports of people inside the home some body covering perhaps rest. So tell us. And that's or at today's -- Altman firing. -- hitting the -- and the -- job. And. And were on scene in Joplin Missouri the day after an F three -- fourth sat on top of Joplin. Cut a six mile long. Mile and a half wide path of destruction love and everything in its path when a hospital. Which we'll show you some video of a bit and nursing home where they are doing some board searches. Right now we know there are ninety confirmed dead we just met with the people from the Kansas city fire department there command post. They do have surfaced rescue -- voice search is going on right now on their coordinating. Many other fire departments that are coming in regionally from the area. Behind me to -- -- the Kansas City -- staged. To deploy their people out to search these areas. We -- you know we have some active searches going on some commercial properties about two or three miles further down the road to try to get to. Roads are pretty much impassable in some locations and the weather is turn on us a little bit. But we're here today -- what's -- on this is why the regional task force concept is so important. Our national task forces are critical for the major disasters but when you have a local issue like this Joplin issue. These regional task forces make a tremendous differences they can get in quickly the Kansas City guys -- about two hours away. Tulsa folks came up Oklahoma City folks came up. Folks came out of Bentonville Arkansas -- Rogers Arkansas with their task force those kinds of people we need they've got good experience good -- -- training. -- can come in mobilize their skills quickly identify the major problems get to work very rapidly plus the self sustaining. Kansas City task forces -- here at times out here those folks there mobilizing their resource is trying to do some searches. Voice search is -- this plot structure we see around us. The -- coordinates and canine units and other assets they won't let them -- any rescues so far. -- -- So it was a good -- and that's -- -- that's -- -- president. Any recoveries. Massive devastation. How come football there's that we see behind us we don't have. That much more loss of life and we have many people who is going right. Capitalism and were always right I mean I think a lot of people. There's a lot of lucky people here I think the construction maintenance will be -- -- to you look around these are older homes -- lightweight lot of stuff that we're looking -- here. This -- is very old small Michigan right. -- really hold up well we'll see some of these people baseless and so basically. We kept them fairly detectives believe -- -- from this residential routes devastating. Didn't do spread so -- we have associated city. Well we brought. We work out of the regional system where we. Have forest fire department in the environmental area can do very -- rescued me. NC Kansas one rescue team -- but then we'll read. Central that's -- one we've brought the very and -- -- work well for. The Kansas teams are still up in our area covering our -- In case something else -- I'm supposed to get more weather today and tomorrow we're. We we could be doing somewhere around 69. What these guys and gals who traditionally the -- right let's save that red line works really well for us. They went -- -- and we've got to have a daughter did better. So the regional task force himself to succeed here Kansas City guys with the experience you know small local reports homeless resource effectively. We'll see you know these guys -- It's kind of clearinghouse for people who have basic -- producing this blossoming in the real specialist Nicholas. Some of the larger commercial structures they get into your head over to -- people. With the -- guys -- operating right now on -- And. It's been so how was this devastation. News. Two or three miles wide and six all. That it uses. So even your system and every year we didn't. We got him. It's been so what do what do people need -- -- one -- the local community here -- it and we need a local fire area we have. Because -- so while we're discussed. Team. Orders. Good deal central Jackson. -- -- Thanks have been out here fellas let's open doing euphoria. -- on seen as a social Jackson task force guys they've been here since midnight. You can see it's pretty overwhelming for the locals were in the head down to the home people of the Wal-Mart made up with the task force folks down there see what's going on. As you can see there's nothing left in the -- here. Complete and utter devastation looks like -- stand in front of -- church or what's left of what was -- church. We will keep you updated. -- with the school how many students -- here. Our school closers on there when it's part of -- school system Catholic schools got a musical efforts. This is completely destroyed. Through. All destroyed the record -- and hurt -- Perished -- this is our senator this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's several hundred. The in urban urban search and rescues and through -- there's our markings on the law. It it's. So this was this was -- here. So this was and this was a restful. -- my gosh that looks like it just got completely flat. -- -- was one of the members of Missouri task force one behind this is what's left my Home Depot -- -- -- in the earlier about his. It's total devastation. That was that any survivors and -- -- building at all. And often as we -- hear it if they did they were before so if you survive the initial we will walkout that was pretty much a history. So I'm going -- now after the to lunch break yesterday. We've been here all morning we've -- like about the right so how many guys can download users to us. We stand 39 I believe down 391 doctor. -- -- and several dramatic victory here expert opinions and refuse to deal with the regional test score some of what goes -- -- correct. So this operation's joint operation -- some Springfield units you guys who else is working on the side -- -- want to drive. And they can't. Heavy -- guys around. -- they've got several -- working here. All right you're doing okay yes or use them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the -- to I don't know what to do everything you -- Comes into our food -- exactly. Appreciate your work. It.

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