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More Essentials - From the Golf Bag

Wed, 1 Jun 2011|


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You're probably need -- the few of these items here. -- you gonna need. -- -- -- -- -- The -- And a divot repair tool. Okay the -- but when you when you get up to tee box. You don't want the ball to settle the -- a little bit CNN. -- and so the -- Lifted off the ground. That UT's -- all war is gonna be when you on the greens. -- -- -- wouldn't want someone else's war. He's not -- to -- -- to get to go to the whole. C unethical it's all put more behind it into the ground just to -- moral. This tool used a lot either as a beginner because taught at the greens when -- -- so this'll stated that -- most around what what it does. It's important that you -- -- you -- that's when the ball hits the between them on -- as a way of fifty ought to wait. It's gonna create a little a little. But dividend ground we're gonna wanna do is the one -- prepare. I'm not I'm not gonna get into the repairing about the -- walks but. This is probably you know the tool that -- That that's basically relish wanna put driving range -- and -- if bet you'll want you -- gets a lot of what those few items.