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More Essentials - From the Golf Bag

Wed, 1 Jun 2011|



You're gonna probably need a few of these items here. Tees, you're gonna need. You're gonna need a ball marker. The balls, and a divot repair tool. Okay, the tees are when you when you get up to the tee box, you're going to want the ball to sit off the ground a little bit. So you're going to stick it in so the ball is lifted off the ground. That's your tees. Your ball mark is gonna be when your on the green, and your ball is in front of someone else's ball. He's not gonna be able to get to go to the hole. So you're gonna have to come to your ball, put a mark behind it into the ground, and pick your ball up. This tool you're not going to use a lot either as a beginner, because it's hard to hit the greens when you're a beginner. So this'll stay in your back pocket for most of the round. But what it does, it's important that you repair all your divits. When the ball hits the, the green from a 100 yards away, or 50 yards away, it's gonna create a little, a little like divit in the ground. What you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to re, repair it. I'm not, I'm not gonna get into the repairing of the, of the ball marks, but this is probably another tool that you're gonna need. that, that's basically it unless you want to put a driving range in your, in your back yard. You could get started with those, few items.