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Basic Grip Techniques

Wed, 1 Jun 2011|



When it comes to grip, there's three types of grip. Three main types of grips. One grip would be a baseball grip, which is similar to holding a baseball bat. The second one would be an interlock grip, where you interlock your fingers. And the third would be an overlap grip. The overlap grip is, is probably my favorite. It allows me to flex my wrists, release the club. And how you do that is you grab the club, like that. You make sure the lines are perpendicular to the way you want the ball to go and what you do is you grab the club and you should be able to get it underneath this fleshy part of your palm. It should cross your palm right there. Okay, and this is a good, this is a good drill to, to practice before you set up. Everytime you swing, lift the club up and hold it with the one finger. If you can see that. That's how you know when you got it in the right spot in your palm. And then what you do, is you close your fingers on the club, drop your thumb onto it. Then you're gonna bring your left hand in. You're gonna place two fingers. You're gonna leave your pinky and your. Your forefinger sticking straight out and your thumb out of the way. And just slide up until you hit. And then you lay your pinky between your middle finger and your forefinger. Close the rest of your hand. Lay your thumb on top of your other thumb. Now your hand should be almost like your clapping. You should be opposing with your hands. Your thumb should be lined up and there's a little v between my thumb and my forefinger, that should be going right up my right shoulder. So that's a basic overlap grip. The other two grips would be, an interlock would be very similar to this one here except what you would do is: you would take your club, hold it straight up and down, make a gun, okay. Then you take your other hand and you, you slide it down. Just like I did with the overlap, and you interlock these fingers here. That's a stronger grip. You can swing a lot harder with this grip. I don't think the feel is as good as an overlap grip but a lot of guys use this. This is Jack Nicholas uses this, this type of grip. Okay, and then the third grip would be a baseball grip. You grab the club just like a baseball bat, you take your other hand, all four fingers on it, and slide it down. And it will be just like a baseball bat. Almost like you are swinging a baseball bat. This is a good grip for children, for kids. Or if you can't get the interlock or the overlap grip down. This is a very basic grip, and I don't recommend this one. I recommend either interlock or the overlap.