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Basic Grip Techniques

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Wed, 1 Jun 2011|


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When it comes to grip this three types of -- three main types -- grips. One -- would be baseball grip. -- the symbol to hold a baseball but the second one would be and it's a lot of ways to lock your fingers and that there would be an overlap grip. The -- leopard is is probably my favorite. It allows me to flex my -- Release the club. And how you do that is. You grab the club. Like that racial lines. -- perpendicular. -- only one possible to go. And we do is you grip the club and he should be obligated underneath this fleshy part of your coupon to -- your palm right there. Okay and is a good does a good drilled it to practice before you set up every time you swing with the club -- the with a one here. You can see that. That's you know you got in the right spot upon. That what you do you -- -- fingers on the club. Dropping -- onto it. The need to bring you left hand and you place two fingers you'll leave your pinky in your forefinger sticking straight out -- the thumb out of the way and a -- Utley hit. And then you -- your pinky. Between your middle finger -- finger. Close arresting him -- -- -- on top you're the -- They -- should be almost like you're clapping. He should be opposing with your hands you don't should be lined up and is a little V between my -- -- forefinger as we go right up my right shoulder. So that's a basic overlap grip. The other two groups would be and it's a walk will be it's very still -- to this one here except that what you do -- you take your. Club hold a straight up and down. -- -- -- -- Okay. Then you take your other hand. If you slide it down. Just like -- with the overlap. And you into -- These fingers here that's a stronger grip. Because we -- -- -- with the script. I don't think the feel as good as overlap grip -- puts a lot of guys use this this is Jack Nicklaus uses this this type program. Okay and then the third -- would be a baseball where. You grip the club just like a baseball bat. You take your other hand all four fingers on and slide it down. -- just like a baseball almost like he's swinging. -- This is a good grip root for children for kids or if you really you can't get the it's a -- law. -- the it's a -- -- overlap grip down this is a very basic group and I don't recommend this one I recommend. Either into lock. Or the overlap.