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Corkscrew Lowering

Mon, 30 May 2011|

Paulie Capo and crew demonstrate lowering an injured firefighter in a multistory building with the corkscrew lowering method. Sponsored by Globe.



[MUSIC] [NOISE] Hello I'm Paulie Capo and welcome to training minutes. In this segment, we're going to be accomplishing the corkscrew lower. When rescuing a fire fighter in a multi-story building, the rescue is not complete until the fire fighter is out of the building getting advanced life support. Taking that fire fighter to the stairwell or to a floor below may not be enough. In a multistory building with a u-return staircase with a well hall, a corkscrew lower can be accomplished. We're going to do this with the use of a Stokes basket as well as without one. First we will apply our friction device. In this case, we're using the rail of the stairs. In rapid intervention, using what you have at the time will be reality. In the event that a bridle is not accompanying the stokes basket, and is often the case when the stokes is used for RIT, a bridle bow line can be tied. This should be tied prior to placing the member into it so that the head elevation can be just how you want it. Being that it is adjustable just as a bridle would be. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] After the head elevation is how you would like it, lock the bridal bowing in place. When done, the member is placed into the stope [MUSIC] As the firefighter is lifted up the load is taking up on the rope the firefighters descend with the injured member as the ropes go down into the well hole. Now we will accomplish the corkscrew lower in the absence of stokes. The firefighter will be packaged, if not already, and the rope will be connected right to our firefighter. As the firefighter gets lifted, the person controlling the descent will take up slack. When overload is on the rope the firefighter will go down with the rescuers in a corkscrew manner. The firefighter is packaged if not already and the rope is applied. [MUSIC] As the firefighter's lifted up, the load is taken up on the rope. The firefighters descend with the injured member, as the ropes go down into the well hole. [MUSIC] You just watched the corkscrew lower in a multi story building with and without a stokes basket. I'm Pauley [UNKNOWN], Brian [UNKNOWN], Dominick [UNKNOWN], Kevin O' Connor. On behalf of us all, we would like to thank our sponsor Globe for their dedication to fire fighter safety and survival. We'd also like to than Saint Petersburg College Fire Training Center. And thank you for watching another episode of Training Minutes. [MUSIC]

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