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Corkscrew Lowering

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Mon, 30 May 2011|

Paulie Capo and crew demonstrate lowering an injured firefighter in a multistory building with the corkscrew lowering method. Sponsored by Globe.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello Paula -- welcome the training units in this segment we're going to be accomplishing the quote reload. When rescuing a firefighter -- a multi story building the rescue is not complete until the firefighters out of the building getting advanced life support. They cannot -- parts of the stairwell with to a floor below may not be enough. In a multi story building with your return staircase with the well hole corkscrew lower can be accomplished. We're going to do this but -- of the stokes basket as well as with. Without. First -- -- friction device. In this case we're using the rails the stairs. And rapid intervention using what that probably reality. In the event -- a -- not a -- the stokes basket. And is often the case -- the stokes is used for -- A -- -- can be tied. This should be -- prior to placing the member intuit the -- elevation can be just tell you want it being that is just we're just the -- would be. After that elevation is how you would like a lot brought a ball in play. When done the members plays into -- -- -- the firefighters lifted up the load if they know what room. Firefighters this that was injured member. As it -- put down the well hole. Now -- accomplished a corkscrew lower in the absence of the stokes. The -- will be -- if not a ready. And the role will be connected right to -- firefighter. As -- -- gets lifted. The person controlling -- this that will take up slack when all the loaded on the wrote the firefighter will go down with the rescuers and a -- from. Firefighters package that not a ready and the rope is applied. -- the firefighters lifted up the load is picking up on the room. The firefighters this that was injured -- As the -- go down -- the well hole. You just watched -- corkscrew lower multi story building with and without stokes basket. -- capital. Grandchild born comic prevent the Kevin O'Connor. Under Apple's always like to thank our sponsor gloat for their dedication -- -- safety and survival skills like the -- saint Petersburg College Park training center. Thank you for watching -- -- --

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