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Overcrowding on Fire Escapes

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Mon, 6 Jun 2011|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates how to use fire department ladders to help alleviate traffic on fire escapes, which often become jammed with residents trying to flee during a fire.


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I'm like Jambo in this segment trends. In this segment and discuss overcrowding flyers -- Many times reports of fire and -- there's will be loaded with people. Who dropped latter. -- its vertical is a very difficult for the people to climb down especially if they're lowering children. And war elderly people you'll get a logjam here we like to do is that is our own fire department -- assistance. Normally we'll take a portable latter. Let's throw -- opposite. The first landing opposite to drop. Some firefighters replied the place support latter right on top railing of the first level. As a couple problems with the one we have analog -- the latter. Could shift. Icy snowy -- wet day. -- once a firefighter climbs. Making the transition over. When he transitions from latter to fire escape. His body is over over the railing it could slide. -- -- -- very -- attempted to blow latter. You may want to change it underhand grip on the top wrong. And also -- fires -- -- to climb. And asked transition over yet to be very careful on this transition over -- too fast and course the latter to slide. Pleasure deplorable -- that -- front Australia fire escape can be -- dangerous procedure. Firefighters are operating appears civilians -- -- each other somebody walking by not pay attention -- it's the -- if Iran and slide right honest and flaw. Remember. We -- the place. -- -- utter opposite the drop latter at the first floor landing. -- place it alongside one to three rungs above the railing against the building. We want the portable ladder next at a rally. Don't permit an easier transition for the fire for -- get -- the flyers -- or victims to be removed. As you can see in this situation we have an obstruction. We -- have the portable latter so far out are climbing will be terrible. Sort of revert to using our aerial -- opera house will place it alongside and good climbing. This will permit an easy transition require -- on -- fire escape. As civilians to be removed. Remember when you get -- -- -- decides that the -- -- if it's heavily overcrowded. Adds weight to it. Which is so I leave the -- latter and -- twelve. Causes and impact load could cause a collapse. We want to maintain a grip on to -- latter and -- our transition over again want to soundness. Make sure it can all of us to maintain a grip body aerial -- -- last pieces safety. When faced with a heavy overcrowding conditions on rumors floors. -- version plays another device -- power matter the opposite side platform. To relieve overcrowding and help influence. I'm like -- actually watched that segment turning its.

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