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Single-Firefighter Ladder Raise

Wed, 25 Jul 2012|

Mike Ciampo reviews ways for one firefighter to transport a 24-foot ground ladder to a building and raise it.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Mike Ciampo. Welcome to this segment of training minutes. Today we're gonna go over the single man raise. There's a low shoulder carry and a high shoulder carry. When a firefighter takes the 24, and he's gonna go. High shoulder to the building. There's a little bit of a problem with this: one, it takes a little bit of stamina and strength to walk this ladder in forward with the high shoulder. Secondly, where are your portable hand tools? If we go to. A low shoulder carry, the firefighter can take his hand tools with him and proceed to the building. Having a ladder on our shoulder and proceeding to the building, we can drop our hand tools out of the way and we can use the building as a physical ****. We'll lower the ladder down on the ground and just drop it. [NOISE]. If you notice, I have the fly towards the building. Normally, we throw ladders fly out. Also, the manufacturers will have a sticker on the side of the ladder that says, this is the way to do it. If I were to bend down, use these legs to come up and push it into the building. We want to maintain our hands on the rail. If we start using the rung, the ladder twists. We get speed, the ladder's twisting. If we hit an obstruction in the yard, we could twist an ankle. We want to maintain our hands on the rail, we want to look up the whole time. We're gonna bring the ladder up. And once it's here, we may have to bring it back just a hair. We want to keep our foot and our knee up against the ladder. Now we're ready to proceed. If the high is pre-tied, we're in position to raise the ladder. Come in, put our knee up against the ladder, our elbow's holding here, and we're set. [SOUND]. With the fly in, we need to rotate the ladder. And in another Training Minute, we talked about rolling the ladder. Maintain a good balanced position, keep your eyes focused, legs back, and we roll the ladder back over to where we want it in position. I'm Mike Champa. Thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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