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Single-Firefighter Ladder Raise

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Wed, 25 Jul 2012|

Mike Ciampo reviews ways for one firefighter to transport a 24-foot ground ladder to a building and raise it.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Chappell. Welcome that is -- return it's never over a single man race. There's a lot of shoulder carry at a high shall. -- takes its when he -- -- -- -- shoulder to the building. Was a little problem with this wind. Little bit of stamina strength to walk this latter -- and forward -- -- shoulder. Secondly. Where your portable and tools. We go to it. A -- shoulder carry. The far better contagious and tools with them and proceed to the building. I've been -- are shoulder proceeded to building. -- drop our hand tools the way. -- here's the building as a physical but we'll I don't battered down. Just. Drop it. If you notice I have the fly towards the building. Normally -- throw latter's fly out. Also the manufacturers have -- aside a -- that says is the way to do it. Barbara bad bad news is lagged but. -- -- -- build. -- maintain our hands on the rail. The -- -- in Iraq in the latter twists. We -- speed -- -- and that we -- an obstruction in -- yard. It was -- -- -- America in our hands other -- -- look up the all time reverend allowed Iraq. Once it's here we may have to bring it back -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now are ready to proceed if -- hires three tied weren't positioned to raise a lot command for our foreign -- up -- latter are -- O'Sullivan here. -- -- -- With a fly -- and we need to rotate the latter and there are training -- we talked about rolling a latter. But did a good -- position -- I -- his legs back. Well. Back over to where 200 position. -- Mike -- nationalized in this segment return.

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