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Heavy Vehicle Extrication: Cab Components

Tue, 5 Jul 2011|

Battalion Chief Steve White and Lieutenant Eric Mohr of the Fishers Township (IN) Fire Department discuss the components of a big rig cab. Identifying these components can help rescuers when it comes time to making decisions vehicle during extrication operations.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome the fire engineering training minutes. My name's Steve White animals and thank you petitions fire department. In today's segment for heavy truck extra -- we're gonna focus on. The cab and all the components. And power supplies so they can be identified by rescuers to make the area safe before we begin education operations. To do this we're gonna bring in lieutenant Eric Moore also with officials fire department. To go from front and back to identify these components. As we talk about -- -- today inside the cab. Simply they're they're not yellow wanna read that we -- on just like in a fire truck -- a public poll on the by the parking brake and -- and -- -- Vietnam. Apply air in the braking system in the trade. This truck equipped with their -- -- the justice -- right for stabilization. If you can gain access to the cab there is a switch to -- the air right model. Movement -- -- the truck looking at fuel tanks. On certain models -- -- 150 pounds of fuel on either out of notre this -- at eight on one side. Not to get confused with the hydraulic fluid -- this thing for the way it operate hydraulic system. On this model we have an air -- suspension as we look back the frame I'm afraid to identify we see a spring. Not to be confused as -- -- bag here -- system. Simply look behind the axle dispute about air -- and units at eight bag with a bag and -- Looking down the spring -- find a leveling about the level in about can be used for stabilization. Underneath the -- you have break chamber the break cameras Mac team comprised of two -- That tells me this -- -- parking brake if it has a single parent -- does not have a parking brake which can be utilized. State -- in this -- if we have to stabilize lithium. The -- well plate as movable that's distribute weight on the axles for the proper -- The rear axle the same thing as an four -- this didn't you see the spring -- -- front airbags and career. The can down there's -- gamers that we see so it has that parking brakes this tells me there's a parking brake on both axles. But didn't find the batteries -- -- and started the frame rail moving forward. Or in between your brain or under the cap. On this unit we've identified batteries. By locating the battery cables going into the box we have a switch here for disconnect. In the box as a simple -- -- removed. And left. And locate the batteries. -- -- the batters are removed dependent on your department says that. Identifying the braking system we discussed the Mac. Here we have a service chamber located on the steer axle -- tells me there's no parking brake on the -- As we bring this segment of -- -- to a close. Hopefully were able to point out. The hazards that rescuers can come across some of the components that are important. Before you get an education operations I'd like to thank lieutenant -- for doing an excellent job when he all -- out to us. And we certainly want to thank -- macho for sponsoring these -- minutes.

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