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Gates and Hinges on Chain-Link Fences

Tue, 4 Oct 2011|

John Buckheit demonstrates how to force entry on the gate and hinge sides of chain-link fences.


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I'm John -- I -- not require engineering for another training minutes. -- in this series recovering. Chain link fences. And in this particular one we're looking at gates and and hinges. And if you've been following -- series surprise to this we talked about deadlocks we talked about change and how to get them. -- but there are times when maybe you wanted to opening inside maybe you don't have the right tools it'll have a house saw maybe to fuel spill. Or -- that's what this week or something like that. Or maybe. You want to Dillon -- secure the area. Or it's not really warranted the even even the light damage -- cutting this. You might might opt to -- open in side. With a typical. Residential. Gate. You're gonna have a latching device similar to this. If the person wants a little high security they're gonna put a -- through here. But as you'll see in a couple minutes will demonstrate I get through that relatively easy with no damage. On the hand side of that. Typical residential like commercial. You're just gonna have a -- -- with a collar. It's gonna have a pin that pin that's and that keeper and this goes on one of those terminal posts and that applauds the swinging action -- that -- And we'll show -- in a couple minutes I get through that rabbit rabbit simply. The next level up in terms of security and our ability is this commercial style -- It is like what we had here. It's the same type setup. We have the -- bolts securing. The hardware to the terminal posts. And we have a pin and the only difference is the pin is held in place with -- product -- Though the evolution slightly longer have to take flies a lot the Cotter pin and then you could drive one of these up. And -- at the brigade from the inside. The next common. Level up from that security. That mechanism. Doesn't exist -- Rely on the rotation of this entire thing on the term opposed. To operate the hints but we're gonna take this we're gonna have to take. A the socket socket rents it in there on through -- and then we get in there we'll show -- that -- a -- as well. And it's coming up -- -- -- like commercial or residential style date. He's determined and has a light padlock on it but he knows what this -- device that he doesn't even have the take that deadlock that's gonna slow him down. And it's gonna. -- -- -- -- can simply push on that terminal post. That that Latin device is -- and back lots and device will spin on that total posted -- rating. An alternate not -- Instead of pushing on that that terminal posts and getting that latching device to -- allow you win you can just spend that -- device -- that pretty weak. You bet it would -- -- to Bennett with the tools it's gonna spread it. And then you get elected altering anything. When you're done the advantage with this you can bend it back into shape. To put it back together and the people that security again so you're worried about reestablishing security this is another good method. Another quick and easy way with this type negate it go to the inside -- that simple opinions that we looked at before. -- just gonna knock that up a hand up. Just an event read the date lifted off the bottom end. And open it up and any goats and again an advantage you can -- secure this and the people have this security back would -- down. We were discussing this hire security type of hands with the entire mechanism. Rotates on that terminal host. There's no way to lift this apartment and -- apart -- what you can do -- -- -- it may have been installed improperly where the odd knots are actually. On your side easy to attack. With the sockets that you wanna get -- -- this sockets that. This might -- Five base and nine sixteenths all the way up to three quarter inch. -- is gonna demonstrate now. Just how you could go about this. This is really a very very strong fence it's an expanded -- But -- there was chain link we could possibly pull it out of the way allow him to get inside there and operate -- these -- and get in there. Or he could also attack. The -- here. That hold this thought on that terminal post and we can get in that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's been another training minutes thanks for watching -- -- home.