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Urban Essentials: K.O. Fire Curtain

Wed, 21 Sep 2011|

FDNY Lt. John Ceriello discusses the K.O. Fire Curtain, a device developed primarily for high-rise fires that used to block wind, thereby allowing an interior team to more easily attack a fire.


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-- -- And hammering home. Publishers and editors of urban firefight in -- Doing -- in this segment software engineering street its film and -- -- Clemens and country. These training -- -- based on the urban centers. Toward. Whenever He gets a visit birth -- Welcome to -- minutes without -- John zarrella New York City Fire Department. And today we're going to be talking about the new tactic for the fire -- known as the -- fire occurred. Flyers and highways buildings will always challenge. When wind and as a structure as fire and it it creates a high pressure is don't increasing heat -- read all of that particular flyer. The fire service is coming from most likely a low pressure area namely the whole way or the stairwell. -- far is always looking for that low pressure on oil flow path from high pressured to low pressure. 1994 there was a devastating fire at a Bronx and two firefighters and -- NY began developing this device -- cut Mikhail curtain. It will essentially block the wind allowed Indians I teams to make in entrance and thoughtful attack on that given -- Essentially by blocking the wind. We decreased -- is -- -- apartment and we also take away the push of the wind. So that those lines can make it down that hallway -- -- that apartment and distinguish that fire. Or at least maybe get the door shut from the fire apartment -- always. -- to show -- now is the deployment of the -- cart. To deploy -- curtain first defy federal placed the curtain on its still. Once on -- five -- take a measurement of his upper how yards. Once He has that measurement. He then we'll let the curtain dropped out of the window. It will -- role. And a lower how use we'll drop down and position. The bottom firefight and then reds -- how is securing. The curtain over the -- target window. The cal fire curtain is six feet wide and eight feet long. It has Italians -- top and bottom fifteen feet long -- they -- still -- -- and it also has -- stays running flew the fabric. That is fireproof -- -- 2000 degrees. Those days. Don't allow the curtain to pillow into the target window. What are -- just seen his deployment of the -- fire curtain. It's -- device being carried on or truck companies the New York City Fire Department. That device being taken into any fire -- a high rise building. By the rules -- going to the floor above and deploying a curtain over the target window which is being impacted by wind. It is creating a much safer environments the firefighters to function. In the hallways that they can take -- lines down into a frontal attack on that -- Thank -- watching training minutes lieutenant John zarrella.

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