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Victim Trapped When Car Overturned

Tue, 19 Oct 2010|

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates how to use air bags to lift a vehicle that has overturned with a victim pinned underneath it.


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-- -- -- -- now -- training and it in this segment we're gonna deal with an -- -- with a partially Jack. And -- pin on -- o'clock. As we could -- our victim has their leg pinned under the eight -- And her -- pinned on the people. In order to extricate -- is gonna have to lift vehicle and get the body parts not. The first thing we need to build -- stabilize the vehicle far left. I thought to command. In the first thing they're gonna do stabilize the front end of the vehicle. We're heavy lifting it back on the vehicle we don't want this vehicle like Florida and we left. As we can see here. The victim's leg is pinned under the -- closed there is -- -- Between the ground in the car. We want to be able to -- -- and there is -- we lift there's no downward pressure put on his victims like firefighters are gonna get again commend when that got. And they're gonna filled out -- with gripping. We're gonna. Opt to do it all five point parallel -- on this -- -- -- a floor by floor being an eight foot beam. The back window here we're gonna build up to -- -- one on each side of the car. Wanted to -- entitled to the underside that -- by -- being we're actually going to be able to this vehicle completely up off the ground in order to free our victim. We have some options for this -- goes we like to have back -- under the rules. And not look like that -- a high pressure air bag that. Not sheet metal is not very secure we -- get a lot of -- and probably wouldn't get a very good at all. Another option we have. We could try to lift off the trunk. Again we're dealing with a strong cover sheet metal the truck hollow we would probably get another -- deformity. Another thing we have to worry about it. All the way on those vehicles in the -- in the motor as we can you slow down. We're getting into that threshold apply here if we remember -- previous segment I'll have stacks and -- -- stack should really only be about 48 inch high. Were kind at that threshold right now. Where we could get on cables we all have an angle here so in order to get good contact we have angle -- -- -- wedges. And we could have one of our bags kick out. All for our revolution. What we're gonna -- we're gonna do this Paulo live with a four by four being a -- -- -- much today particularly. We're gonna get into lifting -- vehicle now. I sludge and we've prepared -- for life -- -- back to extricate her from underneath the clock. Well we're gonna do now is we're gonna complete our lives that we're gonna commit with a plywood -- to give our solid they. Clearly put that on top of that. And we're gonna -- war by war through the back into the car. We are back up again we want -- act -- in this case. We're using twenty times back in the seventeenth time that we want to try your biggest back we can get in place -- wouldn't get that added height we need. I'm gonna -- that form by -- growth. -- we want to try to -- nearly picked up four by four right into the corner here. We've got to throw wanna make sure it's got leaving covered Jumbo size the vehicle it it might be why Clark spotted a -- -- in check and make sure we have even -- that overhang. -- -- -- We want that are on the act we don't want an -- -- one side than the other. It. The last thing we want to do is really from the open to -- we'll take a few too -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dubai port. To -- portions. -- Now as we could they were -- it right -- Against the door frame here will get -- list. -- were set up where even humble -- we're ready to Scarlett. -- General sent back. Okay Obama lower -- -- -- I what we have here is we have are in line relief valves in place if we didn't have a Y and RR master control -- will we could run to bag the same time. We got to utilize -- Enron and I really felt what this bill. They -- they're -- from the back. We can connect our -- from the bottom bags. The bag is locked out. We connected to our -- we need to do this on both sides. Clark controller goes firefighter on the controller has got to try as best he can to apply even pressure the -- activating -- If we were to do it on evenly. The lift to get uneven results when we were just -- the command is not -- to be up on up he's got to apply for those activating not evenly. And if okay stop and offense. -- -- -- -- -- We -- -- Clarence we're gonna take committed to reset all our stabilization. And a walk to load out. Are -- by -- act as a stabilizer. We could now move on to the expectation this station. As we say -- stabilized load with captured it. We've got enough lift not reform our education. Firefighters going to be able to get the body parts that were pinned under the and the people -- and aren't extricate this person. We got to try to pay particular attention -- -- mobilization is an overturn. -- per may have incurred neck and back injuries -- -- as best we can we want -- mobilize that head. Important call this nation to pass them off the end that as quickly as we can. Like you can say what we've done here is that -- floor by floor below an eight foot long ball. Through the back window here we are in place we -- -- -- this vehicle. Great -- it to get. A good degree of -- that we get somebody out -- time. I bought it bought fallen out -- I think.

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