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Door Removal

Wed, 27 Oct 2010|

Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to remove a door so that it doesn't close behind firefighters, trapping them in a burning building. He shows two methods, one with a hook and one with a halligan.



[MUSIC] [SOUND] welcome to Training Minutes, I'm Joe Alvarez. Today we're gonna talk about firefighter safety. And preventing a door from closing and trapping firefighters inside of a room. It happens all too often. When stretching a hand line, firefighters should also grab a tool. Regardless whether it's a six foot hook or even a Halligan tool. To assist them in removing the door or preventing the door from closing again. Firefighters have tried to use door chocks but a lot of times those door chocks do fail by removing the door completely or taking it off [INAUDIBLE] will ensure not to trap a firefighter in a room. I'm gonna take a 6 foot hook now and I'm gonna place it over the top of the hinge. With that, I'm gonna now close the door with as much force as I possibly can, causing the door to come completely off of its hinges. I'm gonna now close the door with as much force as I possibly can [SOUND] causing the door to come completely off its hinges. Now the firefighters can remove that door to a safe area. And now we have, we do, now we do not have to worry about a door closing and trapping firefighters in a burning building. You've just seen us remove a door using a pipe pole now we're gonna use a halligan tool there's multiple ways of using a halligan tool to remove a door from it's hinges. There's a method of using the ads ends to pry the door or we can use the forks end to attack the hinges. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the fork end and I'm gonna drive into the hinge. After I drive it into the hinge I'm gonna pry. Outward and upward, removing the hinge and the screws. Then we're going to go down, we're going to attack the middle one, and pull down and out. Then we're going to go to the third one, and removing the third hinge. Now that the door has no more hinges, we can stick the axe in to where one of the hinges were and pry the door open. As you see. We've just removed a door very quickly. This technique works not only on wood doors, but also steel doors. They're using sheet metal screws. We could snap them easily by using the force of the Halligan tool. Thank you for watching Training Minutes. I'm Joe Alvarez.

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