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Door Removal

Wed, 27 Oct 2010|

Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to remove a door so that it doesn't close behind firefighters, trapping them in a burning building. He shows two methods, one with a hook and one with a halligan.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well its -- To congress they -- gonna talk about firefighters it. And prevented -- working closely -- firefighters inside room. It happens all too often. Which stretching -- here in mind. Firefighters should also wrapped school regardless whether it's a six -- or -- how it -- To resist and in removing -- cure or prevent or -- Fire -- have try to use the -- shocks but a lot of times those workshops to -- By removing the work we are taking -- one -- sure not to trapped firefighters you know wrong. Obviously a six foot -- and I'm gonna placed. Him over the top eight. We act. Now -- -- -- much force possibly. Causing him to order -- to put that in me all its case. -- -- -- Europe. To come. -- back door what city area. And now we have. We do not have to worry about it or closing its -- firefighters -- -- early don't. You choose one or using it whole -- out. Although we. Will remove or there's and that it the -- and -- or. Or -- use it works and eighties. What it would take the work and why -- If that he. We're ready to hit. On the apprised. -- were -- were relieved that hinge at its roots. That word maverick. And don't want just polls out -- well. But certainly. And probably third change. Now that the door had no working ages we could stick accident into where what they've changed his work and private -- open. Actually. We just -- to work very quickly. This technique works -- I'm -- order but also steel doors. They're using sheet metal screws we it's happened very easily by -- and -- -- talent. Thank you for watching trading humans -- parallel.

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