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San Bruno (CA) Explosion and Fire Response

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Thu, 16 Sep 2010|

Firefighters describe their response to the fatal explosion and fire in San Bruno California.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon my name is -- tell from the chief of police for cities hampering around with me today is -- fire chief Dennis day. Behind you you have firefighters and police officers from all over him -- They're gonna come up and a little bit and and give you their stories in their perspective on this tragic event. I think it's really critical to realize that there were over 200 firefighters and Jupiter police officer responding to this scene. We were dispatched along with engine 51 -- and 52 from our own department as well as. The ballots -- a full first alarm assignment. For an explosion -- an afternoon. Can't. In fact this is -- -- off at the station we heard. A lady's voice downstairs screaming -- into our station that something was wrong. We looked out the back door it's the fire ball and smoke up here in the neighborhood we weren't sure exactly where it was we thought it might be -- -- -- that basically. -- -- neighborhood on fire and we've got incredible heat and fire. Many homes are burning. I saw on the news that there is buyers and it was actually act or fires -- responded from home. And well. Chp officer that was responding to this event. Inmates -- fire station which is -- one -- when I arrived there like captain Don Epperson. Was on. Actually at the firehouse wait and we walking with a nickel tour fires issue. Highway off duty at the time I was at my. And that baseball practice. -- and I saw the explosion and -- under Q and that means she's go. And I told right all right -- we were trying to keep the fire at BA's best possible but you may have heard earlier. Our water was unavailable water in that area had been taken out -- Threw it to sixty and 71 and eighty rear. View about. 34000. Feet -- supply line up over -- And did a water line which then allowed us -- Pakistan. And stop the forward. And -- things -- You know -- that reason why it. We feel this thing. As well -- is because that Bob Edwards a multi agencies that we weren't as accounting. -- -- -- All individuals. We update trained together. Regular basis for a long time. -- And it's chiefs. And everybody else. -- binds. -- -- -- -- -- Those -- all of -- were on scene in San Bruno California behind me you can see the devastation. From the gas line explosion which occurred. Several days ago we just came back from a press conference for several firefighters told their stories. Compelling tales of heroism. Challenges they face but the lack of water supply and several other major issues. -- can see behind me it was quite an explosion. Quite great field devastation windows 37 homes -- destroyed. Another -- have substantial damage and about a 120 -- -- -- were involved some way. So right now -- country historians firefighters -- a tremendous job tremendous challenges great mutually. Just can't say enough about the fantastic job -- all of our Richardson and the law enforcement officers. This was truly a community came together and really devastating event and best and the brightest and most talented officers and firefighters that. And we could hope for we're able to hold. Together and do the job -- unbelievable. Effectiveness and and just. You can't say enough about this was really California at its finest.

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