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Victim Trapped Under Front Axle

Mon, 20 Sep 2010|

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates how to use air bags to lift a vehicle off a victim who is trapped under its front axle.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- appalled -- thought well welcome at -- -- In this month's segment we're got out of Korea -- trapped under the actually this vehicle. We're gonna -- a single point that while Italy early oil -- in the front is vehicle. Some things we need to consider before we -- rectification. Is whether the vehicle's ignition is -- whether the vehicle is in park and we wanna have emerged Greg that. We don't want to start lifting his vehicle and have a little -- -- -- -- -- As in every emergency situation. We arrive on scene we wanna do is seen our guys I wanna walk around the vehicle in ice -- off. -- -- -- -- And I do much in Burbank I'm looking for any -- that might be a hazard any wires that might be down. Most importantly I wanted to see if we have any other victims under the vehicle. Pride and going to airlift we want to stabilize -- vehicles that weekend because we're going to be lifting at one end of the vehicle. We want to stabilize the rear end of the vehicle the firefighters are gonna command and stabilize the back in his vehicle. Using -- -- jock. In addition to that they're gonna -- a four by four behind the rear tire. We're gonna be limping off the run and the car's gonna come directly off the ground -- -- just wanted to. -- little added stabilization. This vehicle rolled backwards. Let's walk around the drivers I will stabilize outside of the vehicle. I know we're gonna goes where -- stabilized the rear driver's side of the vehicle. Firefighters are gonna command would have shot -- -- wedges. -- we stabilize the vehicle. And again we wanted to shoot the floor by floor behind there is -- Just to prevent this vehicle for from rolling when we -- -- -- Marlins. I know they're moving into watching appointment don't the oil that is -- I know we have our vehicle stabilized we can Begin our appointment. -- we're gonna do we got a lot of fire in a sort of vehicle. These are building up -- -- we wanna find an area underneath the vehicle that is flat in non jagged. That we can hit the awful. We have a -- played under their oil and that we can access that would be a good place -- thoughtful. Simultaneously. Our article firefighters -- gonna -- in third start to build their capture stacked right underneath BA post. Actually behind the front tire. So when we do this we're gonna lift the front end up just enough to extricate the patient will -- the load on to -- -- -- stack. As we get it we apple four -- -- -- finished out with a top layer of two by fours holiday -- -- air bag to go on. Again we always used -- -- We abdicate that but he added height that we can get in one of -- if there was wanna put the bigger bag on the bottom the -- back on top. We want to build up close we -- the undecided at this -- -- -- -- be lifting we can maximize the to lift capacity -- the -- we don't wanna use the bags and make up. Our -- that we're ready to lift. -- Greens -- Green -- As we talked about previous segment. What the firefighters doing -- a technique called and I think he started inflating the team bigger bottom back first. To make contact. Then he's already -- -- -- alternating. At the end little -- we want to have the top back slightly more inflated in the bottom -- the bag kind of bond together and investing in. As the -- is going on that. To stabilization -- plotters stabilizing below their building -- that we left we lift an inch we privilege. We've achieved our Mac -- that we need to reform the next education -- -- back in play will lower the bags. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stuff down -- red. Stop it. -- lord has been securely capture our -- that. Firefighters gonna move while lifting equipment out of the way that we can reform our education. They -- the case we do will want to take in mind. Final mobilization would -- -- -- College Station before Wimbledon. As we say this is yet another option on how to lift vehicle that there are many ways that we all -- lifting a vehicle. Good option -- -- All we're only dealing with a couple of -- we only lifted -- car maybe two or three off the ground in order to get vision out safely. And transported EMS. Opt for the flood follow now thanks for watching this book segment -- --

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