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Steel Door with Panic Hardware

Mon, 22 Nov 2010|

Using a wood door as an example, Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to use a circular saw to defeat a steel door with panic hardware.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND]. HI, I'm Joe Alvarez. Welcome to training minutes. Today what we're going to go over is attacking a steel door, with the push bar panic hardware. Today, we're using a wooden door to demonstrate this technique. What's gonna happen is, we're gonna take a K-12 with a steel blade. And we're gonna push it into the middle of the door. We're gonna bury the blade and work it down, close to somewhere in line with the door knob. After we've done that, we're then gonna take our framing square. Stick it through the opening, drop it down, and pull and it will put pressure on a painted hardware. Then releasing the pin and opening the door. [NOISE] [SOUND] Once we've made our cut clean through the door,. Now is when we take our framing square, stick it through, and apply pressure to open the door. Remember, this works on outward opening doors, this is just to demonstrate that. If you do not have outward opening doors, you could do the same exact technique that we just did to practice. Thank you for watching training minutes I would also like to thank the Ramsey Fire Department, the White [INAUDIBLE] and the Burden County Fire Academy for assisting us today I'm Joe Alverette.

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