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Steel Door with Panic Hardware

Mon, 22 Nov 2010|

Using a wood door as an example, Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to use a circular saw to defeat a steel door with panic hardware.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A. I don't -- -- welcome to treatment. Today what we're gonna go over -- attacking. Us steel door with this push bark at parked it. Today we're using it would north imagery this technique. What's gonna happen is it -- -- well with the steel plate we're gonna. -- -- it -- -- -- the door we're gonna bury the play and working there. Close to somewhere in behind with that -- now. -- -- -- We get an. Stick it to -- but he dropped it down hole and it -- Put pressure on it hit a -- -- Then releasing -- pain and opening the door. What we are -- please don't work. Don't think our ratings where. Stick it -- And applying pressure opened the door. Remember. It works outward opening doors it's just that demonstrate that. If you do not have outlook opening doors that it is exactly that we just did that practice. Thank you for watching treatment. I would also like -- victories -- fire department -- like what our department and Burton county fire for assisting us. --

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