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Avoiding Injury When Forcing Entry

Mon, 29 Nov 2010|

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone share some tips on avoiding injury and developing good technique for forcible entry operations.


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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- with -- training that it and that what we want to go over the side. Is the practice and that's -- -- practice -- working with the accident allegation. We're gonna -- -- Some stuff on how to maybe avoid injury and no injury can be significant if you try to force entry. Everybody's waiting for you you know maybe medics await -- to gain access to patient. Maybe the nozzle teams waiting to look at the line in on that fire so if you. -- strike the -- departments and and you crisis and wondered it it's all over that you know. Stop not only did you -- an individual you stop the whole operation. So there is -- some ways to avoid it. It's the -- you know we we all the tool of the very specific way. Sometimes does -- this this detail note that might hold the letter that's the head of the -- 11 small mistake. And then of -- finger and you might not want to continue that operation and so we we always hopeful properly you know with the technique and -- common mistake. But that the person that's doing striking is they might take -- measure. And a good to go and then and then they get northbound to enable a little bit. And now they -- so we -- a little smoke. And and that can be really critical sort weren't -- imagine if -- and stay in a position. Third thing is. We -- to cross the tools right of lessen the chance of missing the head probably in obstructing your you -- Mike's gonna tell -- how he likes the hope that elegant who also avoid that but -- -- I'd always rather be on the Saudi. Public school. The final final if I have a wall here and this is a quarter apartment. That I don't have a choice I have to be on -- -- school. What this guy as we can lead this is it is it is -- disadvantage only advantage actually being on endorse one -- -- -- that I can actually see. When the crotch. Is driven in those that the inside -- to stop what it -- -- to stop. When that's even with that. Where I want to -- and I could Watson -- here's one -- refers problems -- being on the -- once it's driven and and I go to forced to block. I got to pull towards the enough force in this school are getting on -- -- now and -- into the dual okay except the two step process. That I don't have if from on this side of the tool. Okay if I don't have that war and I could be on this side at school I wanna be on this side of the -- few good reasons first of what we just talked about it to accept the tool. I go into the draw. So once that deal -- art wall -- -- When you strike it from me and -- -- trying to stay perpendicular when you Karen. All right you don't wanna come slightly more chance of getting hit hard to -- -- perpendicular. I'm stealing the tool around the Jim Carrey and what's not and here you -- you see what's going on he's trying here along this axis. If he misses. I don't want in China so -- He may be get to me I can still continue it's gonna hurt I may still be able finished its job -- -- -- -- He's got in this sport for full anxious to hit anything -- which is my wrist or wife -- right he breaks my wrist. If it breaks my wrist basically I'm not I'm not functional at this draw breaks of thing we're gonna we're gonna hand right. So I would rather be on the protected -- plus like I said once you once you set the fall we go to Google. Okay the only disadvantage I have to the slightest. I actually physically have to pick over to see -- this -- -- the tool is that the inside part of the stop. And some companies. What they do it was a small notch. Even with the -- So that you don't even have to -- when that slice. That notch makes it to the inside part of stop. -- stop half the local school. -- -- And about the developing that striking technique -- Most firefighters have trouble. Windy. Don't have enough power so I'm right handed my right side -- good I prefer to strike. -- in this direction well. That could be your well will be instruction that you were down a flight. Steps and I might -- the swing from my weak side. That's what I lose control that's when -- that's when -- get into trouble so one way you can develop better control. Is to practice how -- gonna practice. One way to that we use is we've brought to a -- question while recycling place -- their permission. Make sure everyone has property yeah that is injury factory and will actually force -- towards conventionally -- elegant and -- This guy practiced using -- how can. In its many forms using point yet -- -- And also gives the guy practice -- frightened striking. So even if -- if the firefighters is it is -- good. Striker that maybe they can practice on the weak side if they're not so good but in practice on the strong side and get better accuracy and better technique. What we do -- for houses. -- set up. We set up political and -- put -- six -- six into the ground meant that in. And the new guys driving spot we're tapping launch spikes and we have been hit from both sides I'm I'm -- out -- left hand. I've actually -- at least -- hand down from the top. Okay -- before -- want him you know one. Walt Whitman not afford you the option swing where you -- All right we may have to swing fears that we have young guys aren't like -- -- short they can hit balls like. Now -- put the to a child support for. -- walked in the door I've put Florida's side but what am I gonna do if the content of his leg is here. Okay and he's stating that -- I I think have a little bit of the pendulum swing and -- hit the leg. And and it -- toward it and okay so in this situation if I don't have a count -- in order affords me beyond that cited so. Actually I swing through this site where he is not he's not active anymore in my picking this -- -- never -- who had very close to that the it'd be put in a slight -- Even glancing blow it's gonna really really. Officers and when I was moved toward long time ago we were -- This a hundred door and aren't you can -- when you're forcing. And if if he is if he is not driving you to your -- you want anywhere in here in smoke and -- swing and an actual war. -- had not you wanna be if you have to be on this article you wanna be off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- tough to -- got to -- privilege and around here -- protect don't want. -- on -- you gotta go. One last thing about striking. We never really know swing the tool. What a treat for smoke conditions. The -- smoke condition with heavy smoke this should. Or have you spoken this year and -- might -- actually. Field ahead of the -- Find it. My measure and that it's a quick karate chop. But it's -- belt and it's it's it's it's not a swing at all. Not any movement that -- gonna do with with the head of the school. They're going to be regular steady moves that you might announce that I have to -- -- -- to -- the. That's why it's always good so if you're comfortable corn for this -- it's. I always say -- guys. When you're just in this -- keeping it off the jam and -- you -- just -- who you want going from point a to point B point actually. By. Point three hits you'll make -- in those move on steady now for the hit and never look at the guy and guys are around. Look at him if he's reading -- to Begin. But you aren't here -- -- not -- -- to to not going to be able students -- and keep it off the in between the logjam. If you're watching again it's just going to be. Constantly contingent you know problems and -- the blast that slot is a point -- once on the and I want to stop. Okay I don't -- stop and go to the law. -- all the confusion maybe to -- a lot of noise radio which. If I say stop regarded for a man hit -- and in a visit noble solve the but I I think only time I want to look back on him -- -- stop and I look and make sure -- -- I'm actually not included all the all the good well. -- -- -- it's been a few. A few we pointed out a few common mistakes people make and they -- getting -- and we also pointed out a few good techniques if you hold down -- -- become regular practice. They'll serve you well when you're out there and you try to you know get -- Is that there's one more thing or image right you talking about heavy smoke. I would like to say there is a sound and technique. And I kind of using heavy -- just to actually I know them come with the next few hold tool and health and health industry you call it hit. Right. Cool from the hit it. I also now I'll actually that the guy know omelet with two sound guy like -- Christian you could tell it not hit it to sound moved to an end. He knows after that he's steady he's not moving the tool and it's called. Some guys like to sound like doing one. And -- -- I like that. In heavy smoke. He calls -- hits without heavy smoke I can maybe just straight out as equals and hit a cut so you kind of got to work this out. With your appointment before -- -- point -- we U Paula -- because you -- gonna -- edit with this stay away from injuries guys. -- in other trading minute I'm John Buck I won't. -- --

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