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Inverted Dash Lift

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dave Dalrymple and his crew demonstrate how to remove a patient entrapped in the footwell of an overturned vehicle. Sponsored by Holmatro.



[MUSIC] Hello rescuers and welcome to Training Minutes. My name is Dave Dalrymple. We have an over-turned vehicle scenario today. But, you notice that we've already started our pathway to remove the patient from the vehicle. However, our patient ia still entrapped. Her feet are stuck within the foot well. Now what we need to do is an inverted dash lift on this vehicle. Now, since we're working in close proximity to the patient's extremities, we need to use enhanced safety as we work. So watch the crew as they go through this operation. All right, our crew has removed the side of the vehicle. Now we've found our patient is. Has a foot well entrapment so what we're gonna do is inverted dash lift. You see our first stressor is gonna come in and make a relief cut. [NOISE] Now one of the things we're gonna use is we're gonna use a cheat hole the same hole the wiring was in. That went from the vehicle to the vehicle door. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Now once we've done our relief cut, our second rescuer gonna come in with a spreader and actually lift. The dash of the vehicle. Now we have to work close and be careful because we're working in close confines of the victims feet. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Now ask you saw how we came in here, we had already made a pathway for our patient, however, we needed to disentangle her feet. Because she was trapped in the foot well. We came in, our crew performed an inverted dash lift. You saw where we had to work in close proximity to her feet, and we worked with an enhanced safety as we went. Our EMS provider was in there taking care of our patient the entire time. And we provided good patient protection as we went. I would like to thank you for watching training minutes. I would like to thank Hawatro for sponsoring Fine Engineering's training minutes. Be safe out there

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