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Tour of Duty Run in Oklahoma City

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Fri, 27 Aug 2010|

In Oklahoma City, Bobby Halton joins Australian firefighters who are running across the United States to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


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-- -- -- -- -- -- States here in Oklahoma City were outside the Murrah building. Balls can -- start off the what's the stage this is LO OJ and say was it to IE. I know one guy nice yeah I think it's dye had its it's get NATO air around the event on the -- -- caught along with with -- -- -- -- hearing. You beautiful sunny on the city and. -- listen go to tour of duty run dot com tour of duty run dot com. You got 36 firefighters runner across the country. The coming through your town. Look at the map it's detail -- has a broken down hour by hour. So you you can find them easy as easy -- can be if they're coming through your state you've got to go see them -- the fire houses. Get people out on the streets get the flags going. Wake the great grandma get -- off the couch tell grandma. Tell the mayor you need to greet these guys. These -- firefighters from Australia who are running in memory of nine elevenths they're trying to remember -- -- remind America to remember that 9/11 was yesterday. We need to remember that every day of our lives. We need to run together with these guys so if -- firefighter if you're -- if you're just somebody who just happen to find this video. Go to tour of duty -- dot com. Find out when their company Yorktown get off your ass and get out -- Come see -- -- bring AMOCO for him for him bring about flip fly -- flag just coming tellem thanks do something. They're -- across the country we can do something to say thank you. That's right thank you vote in now wanna think 010 thank you -- the comment to support -- and you now on you'll support remains in remains an incredible meant to us and I and I that you driven nearly -- 150 miles well believe from Tulsa. And value now owned by half of all the -- the runners here -- we love him and -- thank you thank you for coming. Listen to our duty -- dot com. If they're coming your town they'd love to -- they'd love to come to visit with it you don't have to spend a lot of time they're going to be run and they're going to be -- But support please support do the right thing I know you well I'm Bobby -- this is the tour of duty -- dot com. And I'm on the road remember. Be careful.

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