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Tour of Duty Run in Oklahoma City

Fri, 27 Aug 2010|

In Oklahoma City, Bobby Halton joins Australian firefighters who are running across the United States to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.



[MUSIC] Hi, it's Bobby Halton, and I'm out here on the road with Paul Richey, The Mad Max from Australia, running across the United States. We're here in Oklahoma City, outside the Murrah Building. Paul's getting ready to start off the what's this day? >> This is, well gee, was gonna say, what is it? Day. Day nine, day eight? Yeah, I think it's day eight. It's it's getting there. We're We've been on the road for quite a while. We've we've had a six hour break here in, in beautiful sunny Oklahoma City. And we're enjoying it. >> Listen. Go to tourofdutyrun.com. Tourofdutyrun.com. You've got 36 firefighters running across the country. They're coming through your town. Look at the map, it's detailed. Paul has it broken down hour by hour, so you can find them easy as, easy as can be. If they're coming through your state, you've gotta go see them. Open the fire houses, get people out on the street. Get the flags going. Wake the great grandma. Get dad off the couch. Tell grandma. Tell the mayor you need to greet these guys, these are firefighters from Australia who are running in memory of 9-11. They're trying to remember, to remind America to remember that 9-11 was yesterday. We need to remember that every day of our lives. We need to run together with these guys, so if you're a firefighter, if you're a cop, if you're just somebody who just happened to find this video. Go to tourofdutyrun.com, find out when they're coming to your town, get off your **** and get out and run. Come see 'em, or bring 'em a Coke, bring 'em, bring 'em, bring 'em a, flay, fly the flag. Just come and tell 'em thanks, do something. They're running across the country, we can do something to say thank you. That's great! Thank you, Boby. I want to thank you Mike for coming here and support us. You know, your support means an incredible amount to us. And that you've driven a hundred and fifty miles I believe from Tulsa, and, you know, on behalf of all the team that run us here, we love you. Thank you for coming in. Appreciate it. >> Love you guys too. Listen. TourofDutyRun.com. If they're coming to your town, they'd love to meet you. They'd love to come to, visit with you. You don't have to spend a lot of time. They're going to be running, they're going to be moving, but support them. Please support them. Do the right thing. I know you will. I'm Bobby Halton, this is the Tourof DutyRun.com. And I'm on the road. Remember, be careful out there. [MUSIC].

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