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Forcing Entry on a Metal Door Using a Hook and a Halligan

Tue, 7 Sep 2010|

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone show some tricks a lone firefighter with only a hook and halligan can use to force entry on a metal outward opening door.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm John Buckheit, I'm here with Mike Perrone. We have another training minutes. We have a prop here that simulates outward opening metal doors. and the problem that we're gonna try to address today is: you're by yourself, you have a hook and a halogen, and you wanna try and get this door, and it's gonna be, it's not the prefered way, it's a tough way to do it. Mike initially you might try to take the adze and see if the door's really loose. You might be able to, force in steadily and, and pry up and down and maybe get a purchase but in this instance there's no way, and generally I'd say it's, it's really not going to work too good. Not a preferred method at all, is he could try to use. The hook as a striking tool. He's stabilizing the hook, he's got the hook, end of the hook on the ground, he's gonna put his heel on that, stabilize it, and drive in with that, I think that's the way Mike prefers. But on the roof you could maybe use the foot of the hook. Drive into the roofing material. Again, stabilize it with the toe of your boot, and use the tool as a striking tool. You're not getting much impact out of this tool. It's a very light weight tool. So even if you were in the middle of this process, and another fire fighter came up, and they had a halogen, or a maul, or a axe, I would stop, and allow them to join you. Ok? So mike's gonna show us now. He's gonna try to gain purchase, by using that hook as a strike tool. Go ahead mike [NOISE]. Alright hold it. [NOISE]. He's not making much much progress, and I would say that that's probably fairly typical. But he's gonna now demonstrate another trick that you could try to possibly get a little more curf here and get, be able to get the adds of that halogen in there. >> What I wanna do is I wanna get that leading edge of the door to play over a little more for me, to make it easier to either drive it in or have it pulled over so much that I don't even need the hook anymore. I can put my adze in and start crushing this door to get this tool behind it. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna beat the door about four to five inches in and this area here. >> Four to five inches from the leading edge. >> Right. What's gonna happen is, when this front part of the door starts to make its way towards the back and. That edge is on, normally is just going to play over to me a little bit. All I need is a little bit especially since I have something to hit with to get the tool in. If I just had this I could do that to a point where I could this in by myself. But I have that tool with me so I'm gonna hit it enough to give me a little more play and to drive that tool in. >> Mike, let me ask you one question. Does it matter if you strike. From striking away, it seems to be better because it's pulling the edge with you, you know. >> Okay. >> I've done it that way because I'm left handed on this side door. >> Okay. >> And it, it works so. >> Okay. >> I'm gonna go with that, all right. >> All right, let's see how we do. >> Okay. Right away. You got a nice open area right away. Alright? At this point I can use that hook that way I did before to drive me in, but I got so much of an edge here now I could just start to crush this door by self here. Okay. Now I still can't get the axe past that sleeve part of the door that's separated. So what I'm going to have to do is, I'm going to have to dent it. Get it to come towards me. That's it. That's all I need. Now I can get the axe in like that, crush that away. get the tool to the back of the door, work towards each lock. Alright, putting, pushing out, working towards each lock. So Mike has showed us, with, with some simple techniques, and a little persistence, one firefighter by himself, with a Harlingen, and a hook, can even get in to some of these tough doors. That's been another training minute, i'm John Buckite. Mike Perone. >> Thanks for watching.

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