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Making Windows into Doors

Mon, 30 Aug 2010|

Joe Alvarez reviews how to extend windows to provide greater access to residential structures.



[MUSIC] [SOUND] Welcome to Training Minutes. I'm Joe Alvarez. Today we're gonna talk about window extensions and adding additional doors to structures. What we have here is we have a very large building with only windows and no doors. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna add additional doors to this side. You never know. We might end up having to remove a firefighter from inside the building. We might end up having to remove a victim. And sometimes it's easier to bring them at out a point where we found them. Than it is to bring them all the way back to the entry point. Okay. Now what we're gonna do. Is the firefighter is gonna start our chainsaw. We're gonna run two stress cuts down each side of our window. That's gonna give us a loose tooth technique that the other two firefighters that come in can grab the window with their pipe poles and pull. [SOUND]. [SOUND] Okay. What we've just done. And as told, we're gonna make two stress cuts. We've gone down each side of our window all the way down to floor level. Now, a lot of times firefighters will know that they've gotten to the floor by just by the way the saw is grabbing. Just like when you're cutting a roof, and you know, if you're hitting a joist. Or there's another technique. We could remove. Either the cedar shakes, or your vinyl siding, to expose where your seal is. What we've done is we've done the field technique and that's just going until the firefighter actually felt that he was hitting the floor level. Now our other firefighters are gonna come in now and they're gonna grab this and they're gonna remove this via pipe hole. Right there. >> Now the 2 firefighters pull together. And they've completely removed our wall. We now have made a window into a door. It's a very simple technique. As long as you practice, you become very proficient at it. Know your buildings, know when to keep your other brother fire fighters safe. I'm Joe Alvarez, and thank you for watching training minutes.

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