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Structure Fire Mock-Up

Tue, 13 Dec 2011|

Leigh Hollins shows us a fabricated two-story duplex used to allow firefighters to train in structure fire scenarios.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello this deadly hollows with Seagram a virus humanity -- We're doing various training minute videos. Warn realistic training props and I'll just like to bring to your attention that these. Particular scenario as we're doing our non instructional scenarios this is not for instructional purposes it's to show -- you can use these various props. Is what it's all about so we try to be realistic but. We have some brand new recruits that were using for this particular. Segment and we hasn't experienced people also and we have some experience officers but we don't want anyone to try to pick apart the actual. Tactics. That are used it is just to show how these props can be used in various ways okay so we just want to bring it -- -- thank you. -- -- -- actively -- -- -- with cedar -- fire rescue me to county Florida. Where west manatee fire rescue station to. And we have -- mock up here for -- structure fire. What we have is we have six -- boxes. That are put together. Various -- -- -- boxes were open up -- interconnect. We have it made as real as possible this particular mock up is a two story duplex one up one down. We have what is very common to this area that would be -- next year stairway. And a balcony. We have. To exterior doors on the first floor to exterior doors on the second floor there's an electrical shut off there is again -- -- off there's windows. And also a -- mock up. -- -- top where we can do -- ventilation. From the various vantage points. A flat -- were pitched -- So. With this particular mock mock up we're not using live fire we're using -- smoke. And at times -- maybe a flare or other type of -- device inside that shows he. We will be using a live victims census is not a live fire drill will be using live victim so that -- -- coming in. Can see with the terrible in majors and recognize -- there is a victim there. So we'll go ahead and take a look at this particular. Scenario we're gonna do a repair relations scenario first and in addition to all the other realistic features in this particular -- We also have -- Marking signs at the entrance doors for the new Florida trust law that indicates a lightweight truss system. On this roof here so again we try to make Israel's possible scrambled good -- -- revelation. And after that will do a fire search into the for a school. -- -- So -- and. -- Rollins thanks for watching this segment of training minute videos.

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