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Cutting a Flat Roof

Tue, 6 Dec 2011|

FDNY Firefighter Tom Cosgrove reviews cutting a flat roof during a fire operation.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I American. And hammering home. Publishers and editors of urban firefight and that -- Doing it in this segment software engineering street and it's -- -- -- received when you -- and country. These training units are based on the urban centers -- we'll talk but if he gets it. It's my pleasure to. Hello welcome gentlemen Tom Tom puzzled new York city fire -- We're -- -- today is cutting flat roof dorm fire operation. We're gonna cut four cuts in a box area. Stay away from stepping inside of our coats this -- we're not in danger and anyway if we make our full cuts we're gonna make got knocked out cut which is a quick slash. That helps us to get the -- and asked to stop pulling. -- -- -- the three by three -- we can always expand it later if we need to make -- -- the reason we make it three by three. Is because of the way -- -- grooves these days and using plywood instead of the oh wait let me use one by force announced it's a lot -- -- -- -- -- small -- makes it easier. Now gonna watch me make this -- What we just -- was caught in a roof and a flat -- operation. Remember putting a roof never step inside of -- cuts always be careful way forward is. I'm Tom -- -- thank you for watching changed.

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