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Cutting a Flat Roof

Tue, 6 Dec 2011|

FDNY Firefighter Tom Cosgrove reviews cutting a flat roof during a fire operation.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Hi I'm Eric Rodin. >> And I'm Ray McCormack and we're the publishers and editors of Urban Firefighter Magazine. >> We'd like to welcome you to this segment of Fire Engineering's training minutes filmed at FDIC 2011 hands on training program. >> These training minutes are based on the urban essentials. The largest [INAUDIBLE] class at FDIC. Come visit us at urbanfirefighter.com. [NOISE] >> Hello and welcome to training minutes. I'm Tom Cosgrove with New York City Fire Department. What we're gonna go over today is the cutting of a flat roof during a fire operation. We're gonna cut four cuts in a box area. Staying away from stepping inside of our cuts is where we're not in danger in any way. After we make our four cuts, we're gonna make our knock out cut which is a quick slash that helps us to get the hooks in there to start pulling it. We're gonna make this cut a three by three cut. We can always expand it later if we need to make it bigger. The reason we make it three by three is because with the way they fasten the roofs these days, and using plywood instead of the old way, when they used one by fours and nails, it's a lot harder to pull it. So a smaller area makes it easier. Now we're gonna watch me make this cut. [SOUND] [NOISE]. [NOISE] And what we just saw was cutting a roof on a flat roof operation. Remember, when cutting the roof never step inside your cuts, always be careful where your footwork is. I'm Tom Cosgrove word, thank you for watching Training Minutes.

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