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Firefighter Survival Maze

Mon, 21 Nov 2011|

Leigh Hollins demonstrates a prop used to teach firefighters good air management practices and mask confidence.


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Hello this is Lee islands with serum -- fire rescue -- to Cammie. We're -- in various training minute videos. Point realistic training props and -- just like to bring to your attention that -- Particular scenarios -- doing our non instructional scenarios this is not for instructional purposes it's to show -- you can use these various props. Is what it's all about so we try to be realistic but we have some brand new recruits that were using for this particular. Segment and we hasn't experienced people also and we -- an experience officers but we don't want anyone to. Try to pick apart the actual tactics. That are used it is just to show -- these props can be used in various ways of today so we just want to bring your attention thank you. Hello this is the tanks deeply islands with sheer -- -- rescue me to county Florida. And we're talking about realistic training props. -- the process we're gonna look at here is a firefighter survival -- This particular -- is used to teach firefighters. SE BA air consumption as well as -- confidence is not any type a search -- is simply is used to. A -- a firefighter. Who. Possibly hasn't. Used SEB -- very often with the various components -- -- SE BA how it's gonna work for them. How the going to be able operate in very dark very small very tight places this particular base is an old mobile -- single wide. It's now 48 feet long by twelve feet wide and with -- in this -- we have over 200 feet. Area that firefighters will. Go through we have various props inside including a rubble area of collapse. We have trusses inside we have wires to entangle firefighters we have very tight areas that they need to navigate through. And in addition to that we have about six different. Hatch doors that we can open and close to change -- the maize and literally hundreds and hundreds of variations. Between. Those -- doors that can be open and close and whether the firefighter. Does -- left to answer to right hand search. We also have worked. Different doors that we can open within this -- in case someone is to get into trouble within that -- meaning. They're very comfortable where they have a medical issue -- whatever. Where we can access that firefighter. And not have to drag them literally through all this base area to remove them from this -- So we want to look at the safety factor there and that is something that was incorporated into this -- so. What we'll do is we'll go ahead inside a -- will follow a firefighter as he navigates his way through the various props here. Now normally once the doors on this particular proper clothes it's pitch dark inside with the exception. There is an instructor area in the middle that is full height where the instructor can monitor the progress of the firefighter or firefighters. In this particular prop. Other than that once those doors are closed its pitch dark inside and a firefighter cannot see -- thing. They're not -- -- to use lights in this particular. Scenario. We will be filming inside with lighting so we will go ahead blackout firefighters -- for realism. But that's the key to everything is make it as real as possible. And try to have the firefighter conserve air. And try to operate within a very very intense environment and still maintain your composure and they're breathing. So we're saying give at a truck. OK I'm one of lead -- to the door you're gonna go left indoor one you do a right hand search to stay right. The wind is door and hang a left and you find another door watcher had. I going to needs to find a -- We -- -- you stay right there to -- just above a little bit above there. Stay right in -- Yeah I'm great. Yeah. -- -- Court where you want. -- -- -- Good job doing great. You don't. Very important work. This is -- Rollins thanks for watching far engineering training minute videos.

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