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Vacant Property Security Systems

Tue, 15 Nov 2011|

Detroit (MI) Firefighter Steve Florian discusses defeating vacant property security systems.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi. I'm Eric Rodin. >> And I'm Ray McCormack and we're the publishers and editors of Urban Firefighter Magazine. >> We'd like to welcome you to this segment of Fire Engineering's Training Minutes filmed at FDIC 2011 hands-on training program. >> These Training Minutes are based on the Urban Essentials. Class, the largest high class at FDIC. Come visit us at urbanfirefighter.com [MUSIC] >> Hi, welcome to training minutes, My name's Steve Florian, today we're gonna talk about VPS, which is vacant property security systems. Today in the fire service we're seeing these pop up in urban and suburban areas. Homeowners and banks are putting these on homes that are foreclosed or being remodeled. Today we're going to show you how to defeat these systems by forcing entry on the outside and inside of the building. Let's take a look at how the VPS is installed so we know how to attack them. Is installed in these window covers many different ways. One of the ways here we're showing you is with the channel rail, the turn buckles, and the tabs that come from the outside to the inside here. It's installed by pressuring the two together by drawing the turn buckles together. Now let's go outside and take a look at how they're taken off from the outside. We're now gonna show you and demonstrate how to force entry on the VP tabs. [SOUND]. [NOISE] You've just seen, by using the force bludgeon tools, and using your halliard bars as your striking tool, and your flat end axe as your wedge, you can defeat these vacant property security systems very easily. Make sure that when you pull up to a building, and you take a look at these vacant property security systems. They understand how they're built, so they can defeat them and make it a safer environment for your fireman. I'm Steve Florian, and thanks for watching Training Minutes. [MUSIC]

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