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Vacant Property Security Systems

Tue, 15 Nov 2011|

Detroit (MI) Firefighter Steve Florian discusses defeating vacant property security systems.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I America -- And hammering home. The publishers and editors of urban firefight in next. Look it's in this segment software engineering -- its film and FDIC twenty Clemens and country. These training minutes -- based on the urban centers -- toward but. But if he actually. I welcome the -- its many of Steve Florian. Today -- talk about EPS which is vacant properties security systems. Today in the fire service -- seen these pop up in urban and suburban areas homeowners and banks are putting -- on. Homes that are foreclosed -- being remodeled. -- we're gonna show you how to defeat these systems by forcing entry on the outside and inside of the building. Let's take a look at how the VPS is installed so we know how to attack them. EPS is installing these -- covers many different ways. One of the -- here we're showing you is with the channel rail the term buckles and that can't come from the outside and inside here. It's installed by pressuring the two together by -- on the chemicals together. Now let's go outside and take a look at how they're taken off from the outside. We're not actually demonstrate how to force entry on the -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- you just seen by using the force -- tools and using your -- and -- are striking tool. And your flat at -- -- your web you can defeat these vacant properties -- systems very easily. Make sure that when you -- to a building take a look at these vacant properties period systems. -- understand how they're built so they can defeat them and make it safer environment for your -- I'm Steve Florian and thanks for watching training minutes.

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