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Dash Roll on Large Vehicles

Tue, 11 Oct 2011|

Steve White describes and demonstrates how to perform a dash roll on the cab of a tractor trailer. Sponsored by Holmatro.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome -- trainers my name is Steve White you know battalion chief with the pictures five point. In this segment we're going to perform -- the actual. That's role is done when the dash of the truck has come down trapping the driver or passengers at the legs. To do this this -- is most effective because we're operating off of a full frame vehicle. Using cutters and -- we're going to take a section of the -- a post out. Making relief cut in the -- -- post then place a rim to pick it. The dash -- of the lower extremities of the victim. The same steps and actions that are occurring on the driver side must also occur. And a passenger side. It's important again a very deep relief cut on the bottom a post. This may take more than one cut. A -- may also be used. To expand the relief cut. No we wanna take a section of the -- and post. Out of the way so that when we roll -- -- the upper -- -- -- clear the roof. It's important to note here that you must be able -- flies up. Make sure that there's no significant roof damage. That will close the -- to come down on the patient. Now -- the upper and lower a poster cut we're going to use -- -- action. Again this is going to be on both sides of the -- As you can see rolling -- -- was able to gain a great deal space. What we're doing this operation is critical months of the programs. The rams are going to be expanding our opening here at the low rate post. Pushing the dash. And also bringing McCollum with. A lot of times you'll also see movement of the pedals because sometimes we could have an entrapment with the victim's foot between the pedal and the firewall. Another key point to point out. Is that the back of the -- most rescuers. Keep in -- the front of the rim and watched the dash movement and see -- -- getting enough space and that's important. But we always -- on the back in the -- and to ensure that it does not kick out during the operation. -- brackets or Rangers can also be used to distribute or push point. Or to gain space based on the size -- -- -- program that you have in your cash. That concludes this segment of training minutes we'd like to thank all -- for sponsoring this.