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Power Saw vs. Chain-Link Fence

Tue, 4 Oct 2011|

John Buckheit describes using a power saw to overcome a chain-link fence.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm John Buck -- back with fire engineering for another training minutes. We've been continuing in -- series we've been looking at chain link fences and how to get food and today what we're gonna look at is how do you see your house -- -- to get through the streaming France's. It's a very quick efficient and no nonsense approach it's gonna get the job done. Provided you're willing to do that type of damage and you have the equipment and -- -- When we look at these -- we can attacked three different points we have our props set up here which it just shows what a typical set -- would be. You can either attacked the attachment which is college and bolt. Or you -- attack the tension band come in and they cut back. Or you could cut the fabric itself. If you cut the fabric you have to watch out because as that rotary blades things it's possible that it can grab one of these sprints. And with data around it was injuries and wanna useful PP when -- -- this fabric. And just be cognizant that doesn't mean you know keep others away and -- -- a circle about safety around itself. With that. We're gonna hot spots and who's gonna come and it's gonna actually show you how to do. Okay. Okay. But Timmy just demonstrated three ways you can take the palace a -- and get through these fences. You can either attack the hardware that holds -- thank you went to the line poster and both. You could cut the -- itself. Or you could cut the fabric as he didn't -- -- a lot of his evolution if you -- cut -- -- -- cut its most. To be -- post as possible if you're gonna get less reaction from the bench and it's going to be easier to cut. Thanks for watching I'm John Buck right it's -- -- turning them.