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The Aerial Set-up

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Tue, 27 Jan 2009|

Battalion Chief John Riker of the Newark (NJ) Fire Department demonstrates how to rapidly and effectively position the apparatus and aerial ladder to remove victims from a structure.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi welcome the training medics. When it's obvious upon arrival -- the aerial -- will be used to affect rescue -- removal of an endangered or truck occupant. It's important that we set up the apparatus quickly and correctly. Here's a few tips to show you how to do that. When positioning the aerial apparatus take advantage of lord street fronts driveways and parking areas. Pull them directly to the building. This will help. In lining up to turntable and aerial -- directly at the toward. The -- -- up to target the operators should use the window frame inside rails. To guide the latter its position. Perfect. Under normal street conditions. The apparatus will be aligned parallel to the -- the gold. Houston natural lines of the building to help -- turntable. To the target. He's an imaginary line from the target window straight down the front of the building. Going directly underneath the turntable of the apparatus. Position any apparatus in this manner. The aerial ladder -- to that. I help these operational tips and procedures help -- departments operate. Efficiently and effectively on the flier program. I'm John riker thanks for watching.

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