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Inside Darley - March 2012

Fri, 2 Mar 2012|


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I -- elderly but for turning into our march issue of inside early and February 13 President -- sent -- congress and initial 2013 budget. Which had almost full funding for bull fighter act grant in the -- program at 335. Million dollars. That's great news obviously there's going to be negotiations on the budget and probably be cut down but good news right out of the box. Two days later FEMA released their state of FEMA address -- attach a copy of it here for you. And in their FEMA administrator Craig -- eight points out a number of real significant achievements from FEMA during 2011. First -- he points out in 2011 -- responded to more disasters in any previous year. Secondly they -- almost half a million US citizens under their short programs which -- community emergency response teams -- -- That's great and spreading the news and making sure we as a country -- able to respond to disasters. And thirdly they point out -- awarded roughly two point nine billion dollars in different types agreements and those grants are listed here and two different organizations across America an emergency response some good stuff. I'd note I have to tell you I delivered our state of the company address -- are different locations in early February and at the end of those addresses. I just like a few moments to go around the room and acknowledged the individual efforts of our employees and -- one on one. Praising them publicly for a job well done that really -- a long way and it appeared our early one of our core values employee recognition. I would encourage you to to do that it was very powerful for both me and for our employees. Here in the fire industry I -- to -- and there seems to be a real lot going -- since the first of the year. Just in talking to customers in general everybody seems that the activity the last sixty days has been busier than ever. Some of it probably related to grants being released from the fire. Program and also new budgets after the first of the year but. Good news for the fire service. One of the company's who has really been blessed and haven't just a banner year -- -- our corporate. Has just been awarded a contract for. 1125. Vehicles for Saudi Arabia. Roughly 350 of those trucks are going to be filtered America. They've also Rosenbaum America's also received a couple of major contracts Balkans central and South America so. Well done to them they just released their new chassis down and four world -- on February 20 at Fort Worth motor speedway. To rave reviews you can get a Google and that she's on the -- -- certainly catch that chassis at the FD is she in Europe which will be prominently displayed in -- -- Spartan -- -- dealer meeting this past month and they purportedly releasing a new chassis at the -- -- -- -- -- be will be interesting to see what they come out with. We've also look at freer copy of our darling times newsletter spring summer edition that -- -- jam packed with. New products were releasing at the FDA actually conference as well as industry news and our -- news but I think the most significant announcement in this -- shown at the top of page three. And that's where we're introducing new PSD 15100 silent -- Now we've been working closely with the folks at -- Chelsea in this allows us to produce 15100 GPM and FPA rated pomp. With out a gearbox or to direct driven -- -- series pumps and a suction designed -- direct drive. And why this is so significant is because it offers about five or six major advantages. First up because there's no power transmission to quietly it's incredibly quiet and silent -- It's also virtually maintenance free when you order with the -- early mechanical -- it's entirely made history. It's very compact to -- -- -- have more compartments based on your truck is very lightweight -- only weighs 225. Pounds. He gives you -- and -- capability. And lastly it's extremely economical so really probably heard the price of -- Full cast mid ship so. We encourage you to check that out we've actually attached for -- -- copy of the Chelsea approval form. You need to make sure you order the EDS Ellison EBS 3000 transmission with them. 1 o'clock and 8 o'clock provisions -- can be driven off of either one of those ports. Some other exciting new products and here are new page story is our news mark control panel which -- European style control panel touch button controls you can Showalter pressure -- -- functions beautiful engine diagnostics and all the -- that'll -- on display. -- -- -- -- Our new PSD solutions series semi module. Are new line a bunker -- shown on page two. And -- am page four you'll see your new around the powerful proportional system and a new purify our product will be introducing. Support for -- -- in this issue inside darling if there's anything we can be doing to support you hope you reach out to us thank you very much.

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