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Inside Darley - January 2012

Wed, 11 Jan 2012|


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I am Paul Darlene thanks for tuning into our January issue of inside darling tell you there's been a lot going on fire service in Washington DC over the last thirty days. It's hopefully you've heard by now. -- major grant awards were made during middle of December 1 was for seventeen point -- the other for nineteen point seven million under the AFG grant program. Also during the month of December. Funding for 2012 was finalized and approved -- -- President Obama signed that into law. December 23 where. The funding for the AF G program as well as the safer program -- -- cut 17%. So they're both going down from. 405 million down to 337. Point five million so. That's good news at those programs are intact but. Unfortunate that they're being decreased but funding for. Fire service and first responders being really cut across the board when you look at it as more of a macro level. FEMA in the fire in the fire service and first responders are actually going to be taking a cut of about one billion dollars. In 2012 compared to 2011. And that affects a lot of programs -- Our customers rely on such as USC and other federal and state programs so it's critical that you continue to reach out to your congressman. And make sure that the in the needs of the fire service and first responders are really being heard and and being addressed moving forward. It's a how to fire departments deal with this downturn and in funding and up to it -- attached for your great article that was. Put out by the urban fire command as well as the metro fire chiefs organization. And it really talks about fire service deployment assessing community -- vulnerability. -- it talks to specifically. You know how fire departments are being challenged at the budget crisis and rising. Call volumes personnel and equipment shortages security issues. Just an overall expectation to do more with lasts and how they can then ago. And deploy their resources and make sure that the communicating their needs to their village managers to their communities. In primarily three areas in the talks about firefighter safety and injury. Civilians safety and injury and lastly property laws and environmental impacts on some good stuff here that we hope that you as a fire chief -- pass along to your. Audiences as well as you as a perhaps a fire equipment sales person might when -- there was some of your customers. For our military customers and those of you were hunters. And all hopefully he'll be visiting the shot show in Las Vegas January 17 of the twentieth that's a sportsman hunting outdoor tactical show. -- -- have a big -- there to address -- meet with all of our military customers -- it's really our biggest military show of the year. Hubble will be -- displaying some really cool things including -- remote control. Vehicle that is used in combat from macro USC good partner of ours. As well as just some really high tech weaponry and and type of us supporting. Special operations equipment that -- hopefully you'll stop by and she we're going to be in -- 7003. And the lower level. Out at the convention center in Las Vegas hopefully he'll he'll come over and and visit us and it's amazing -- you were at those type shows. The overlap between firefighters military and just -- General Custer -- customer base a number of international folks who comes so to pretty cool shall be never checked it out we would encourage you to -- -- -- during the last thirty odd days or last sixty days we've had a lot of international customers coming to -- from southeast Asia from Latin America from the Middle East and the -- -- talking about firefighting equipment and pumps and but they all leave talking about a water purification equipment so. We've attached for your 2012. Portfolio of our pure fire line that we hope you'll download and here. Barley water purification file and amazing and I look at what our team of engineers. You know two Ph.D.s and environmental engineering and other folks supporting them have really done in the water purification and just about 24 months it's really amazing. You'll see here fourteen new product lines for water purification plus a bunch of accessories to. Go along with those so hopefully you can download that we would also encourage you to go to pure fire systems dot com that's our website for -- water purification and got some neat stuff by going on there and it's interesting over the holidays I had a chance to read a book entitled water. And the water crisis in this world is absolutely amazing when you figure. There's 900 million people on this -- -- there who don't have clean drinking water and a daily basis -- one and he people. 80% of disease stems from unsafe water 80% of disease -- around the world stems from -- waters so. It's really a crisis that maybe you don't feel as it is hitting you immediately now believe me it's coming and when it when it when it -- you wherever you are -- darling will be there with the products to support you. Lastly we look at for -- just a copy of our 2012. Employee yearbooks of your interest in downloading that you can have a look at who would have from -- company that you're dealing with -- a regular basis. The -- for tuning into this issue of inside darling if there's anything we could be doing to support you we hope you reach out to us thank you very much.

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