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Inside Darley - December 2011

Mon, 19 Dec 2011|



Hi, I'm Paul Darley, and thanks for tuning into our December issue of Inside Darley. On November 30, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they're gonna begin making awards under the AFG Program, that's the Assistance to Firefighting Grant Program, beginning this month, December of 2011, and those awards are gonna continuing through 2012 until all $380 million is allocated and granted. So great news for the fire service and look. For that, we'll be reporting more on that on Inside Darley. Hopefully you've had a chance to check out Darley's new website, homelandsecurityequipment.com, if you haven't, we'd encourage you to do so. I tell you, our team has done just a phenomenal job on this. There's all sorts of products that are really set up for the home owner, the masses, if you will. Businesses prepare for different type of disasters, whether they be natural disasters, technological disasters, God forbid, terrorist acts, you name it. But we've, we've got just about everything you could imagine from our water purification to. To food, to medical supplies, to rescue and survival equipment. In fact, you can even get on that website and search for the type of products you might need by disaster. So, if you're anticipating a flood, a hurricane, a tornado. You can buy shirt and kits that prepare you for that. We have live online people who can chat with you, and help direct you, and select the products that you might need, so. And also, this time of year, if there's somebody who you are trying to think of who's maybe hard to buy a gift for. Check that out. We'll try to get that product out to you so you've got it in time for Christmas, but well done to our team on that. In our pump division I'll tell you our engineers at Chippewa Fall, Wisconsin just knocked it out of the park with our new ZS pump which is now ready for release and, in fact, we've already received six orders for ZS pumps during the month of December. Now this pump is the largest volume pump that we've ever produced at Darley. And flowing over 3,400 gallons per minute from a draft condition. And I tell you, I think it's the largest volume pump available in the Fire Service right now. So for pumper applications, meaning NFPA 1901, we're rating the pump at 2500 GPM. For applications such as industrial, or crash truck, or fire-board applications, we're rating the pump at 3000 GPM. Now we've gone, and i'll tell ya, put a lot of thought in to the design of this pump. It's available with either a two gear, or a three gear transmission. And in the three gear transmission it uses our new Mega Transmission which is the strongest gear box on the market. We've also designed the pump so it can be used in a variety of drive type applications. So it can be PTO driven, midshift driven, separate engine driven, direct drive, however you wanna drive it. We've also gone and, for the international market we've used an integrated primer, that primes extremely quickly, far meeting and exceeding all of the NFPA requirements for prime time. So we'll go ahead and, and be releasing detailed information on that and. January of 2012, there will also be complete pricing on it. In our 2012 [UNKNOWN] price guide. But if you'd like any information on that in the meantime, please reach out to us, we'll be happy to get that along to you. We recently just released to our employees, our 2012 internal company theme, of. Execution is the key. That really, to them, means that during the second year of our five year journey and our current strategic plan really making sure that we're executing on the strategy and the tactics that we set forth and the plan that's been shared with them is really critical to making sure we continue to grow and prosper and take care of our customers moving forward. Forward. So, you know, that plan obviously is heavily weighed on military but also heavily weighed on export and taking care of our core customer base. But on the export area, I'll tell ya, there's a lot written and I talked to a lot of companies these days who are looking at export, we're excited to share with you two great articles that really can maybe help lead you. In that journey if you're looking at that. The first is an article put out by Deloitte on emerging markets, and it talks about different growth markets and casting a wide net, that's an expression that we use around here, Dullaly a lot, with, you know, everything, water purification to special operations equipment for the military to pumps to equipment, you name it. But, you know, you probably have heard the term bricks. The emerging markets are the bricks countries, you know, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. And this article talks to that but also talks to a lot of other emerging markets in Latin America and South East Asia that I think are really good, so. It's interesting too, there's another new term that's being thrown out in a lot of international discussions and that's the PIIGS, with, it's spelled with two I's, so that's Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. So the article doesn't talk much to those countries, but, a great article I would encourage you to, take a look at. The other that we would, that we're sharing with you here is a special presentation that was given to our board of directors recently by a professor at Northwestern UNiversity Kellogg's School of management who is an expert on strategies. We came in and we're actually sharing with you a copy of his outline that he shared with us on. Really strategic alignment with customers and markets, and how critical that is, to making sure that we are aligned with you when we're taking care of you, our best customers. As we're heading into new markets, that we're doing that properly and, and executing properly. In closing, thank you so much for tuning into this, issue of Inside Darley, but thank you more importantly for the business and support that you've given us over the past year and years. It really means so much to us and, on behalf of the Darley family and all of our employees here at Darley, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and we wish you and your families a very peaceful and Merry Christmas and holiday season. Thank you very much.