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Week in Review: Chris Hasbrook of UL

Tue, 7 Feb 2012|

In this special fire news update, Bobby Halton talks to Chris Hasbrook of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) about their fire prevention and fire behavior work.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Bobby Halton, welcome to The Weekend Review. This week we've got a special segment for ya; I'd like you to meet Chris Hasbrook in the following video. Chris is the vice president at UL Labs and UL has been doing some fantastic work in conjunction with NIST and United States Fire Administration through a grant on ventilation, fire behavior and other significant issues for the fire service. In this brief interview you'll hear about Chris. You'll he. You'll see what's going on at UL Labs. And then we're gonna have a bunch of subsequent interviews and a special feature. Exclusive to fire engineering on the UL ventilation studies. So, without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Hasbrook word of UL labs. Hi, this is Bobby Holland and we're out at UL labs, and it is groundhog day, and we're out here with my good friend Chris Hasbrook word. Chris is the Senior Vice President at UL. << And, Chris, you're over marketing and fire and international. << Yes, we break up in industries and geographies and business units. I lead the industry for buildings, fire, life, safety and security. So, if it's happening in a building and it's life, safety or fire related, that's me. << And that has everything to do with systems. It has everything to do with sprinklers. it has everything to do with smoke detection, egress, stairwells, lighting. UL covers the gamut in everything related to fire safety. >> Yes, there's roughly 100, 110 items in the home that are UL listed a lot of those are building materials and other sort of home infrastructure versus things you just bring into the home like an appliance. And, and UL's an international company. That's something that people really interested in. UL works with fire engineering in, in India and all around the world. >> Yeah. >> We have a great relationship and UL has a great relationship and great outreach to the entire international community of fire service. So, today Chris, the burns we're doing today on ventilation. This is part of a continuing series that UL has been doing now for about ten months. And, and how does UL feel about. The progress we're making here and all the discoveries we're making. Are they pleased with what's coming back? >> Yes, exactly. A couple of things, Bobby, we've been doing this for several years with AFG money as well as some nist money but what we're looking for is the ability to create the knowledge that fire service can embrace and use with us, but also for behavioral change for them. So we're providing the knowledge, they make the decision how they want to make changes in the department. And we're seeing that. We're seeing lot of tactics invalidated. And a lot of tactics being okay it didn't work in this particular instance. And so you got a great team. You've got Steve [UNKNOWN]. You've got [UNKNOWN] >> Mm-hm. >> You've got >> Tom [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] >> Yup. Great folks. Lot of PhDs and we're One of our partners, Ray Rosco, former fire commissioner for Chicago, had a great term. Call it where science meets the street. We bring a lot of the science and CFD and all the fire service brings the street aspects. >> Yeah, if you, today, with us here today at UL we've got folks from Phoenix Arizona, we've got folks. >> [UNKNOWN] Milwaukee >> Northern Michigan. You know, all over. So it's a great opportunity for us to come and have people come in. And learn on the spot as well as take that knowledge back. We also have a website that you're familiar with www.ul.com. Forward slash fire service. We have all the training that we have conducted has basically been created and repurposed into content that you can look at in a video sort of format. Click on it, watch the video, learn, stop, pause, go do something else, come back, whatever you need to do. UL is a great supported of FDIC. They've been backing us for the last 10 years and they'll be back again this year. So if you want to get some information about some of the thing UL's doing pick a DVD. Look for them at their booth this year at FDIC, they'll be out there. Also we have Steve Kerberos gonna be presenting on some of what << He's been doing out here this year. I don't know if Tom is, but I know we have got Steve. Steve's doing a 4 hour workshop. I really recommend you sign up for Steve's workshop now, that's gonna fill up pretty fast. << Yes and we really appreciate the opportunity to be the [xx] and we thank you for that and we thank you for the work you do on behalf of public safety. So thank you, Bobby. << Well, we're happy to have a partner like UL. This is Bobby [xx], it's groundhogs day, we're out here with UL. Playing with fire. >> Thanks, Bobby. >> Well that was UL Labs and Chris Hasbrook. I hope you enjoyed that short interview. There's going to be several more coming from Chris as well as Steve Kerber, Dan [UNKNOWN], and other people who are intimately involved in these ventilation studies. We think you'll get a lot out of this series. So look for these videos to come in the next few weeks. Also, FDIC registration is still open- There are some spaces left in the hot classes. So register today. Looks like we're gonna have about 30,000 of our closest fire fighting friends out in Indianapolis with us this year. So I hope you're part of the crowd. [UNKNOWN] FDIC.com and register today. I'm Bobby Halton, this has been the week in review, and remember, be careful out there. [MUSIC]

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