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Week in Review: January 7, 2012

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All right thanks for click an honest and chief Bobby -- and this is the week in review. This week were being brought to you by FDIC. The fire department instructors conference. The world's greatest firefighting conference will kick off this year in Indianapolis on April 16 through the 21. Hands on training courses start on Monday with an estimated 4000 students and 78 workshops with another 5000 students. Will kick off the greatest conference in American firefighting history. The conference continues on Wednesday when the main program opens and kicks off another 220. Classroom sessions for your education. No network and networking opportunities. And don't forget about all the other activities that would be gone on and Indianapolis that -- during the FDIC event. From the fools -- to the international associations of instructors annual meeting to the battle of the bands to the courage and -- five K fun run. There is something going on every night especially for you there's no greater value for your educational -- than FDIC. And don't take my word for it. You can look at any other program out there look at the classes look at the number of instructors look at the talent look at the quality -- -- -- prisoners checked their pedigree east. This is not to say they're not great shows. But FDIC is clearly the greater show it has been for 85 years and it will be for the next 85 years so we'll see you and FDIC. Space is filling up fast all the hands on training is already starting to fill up so go to FDIC dot com and register today. And now to the news. Canadian firefighters suffered two fatalities this week. The first fatality occurred on the 28 when -- Canadian firefighter was killed in an apparatus crash. A firefighter from the -- -- township volunteer fire department. Was killed in an accident west of -- swan Ontario Canada while responding to a call according to the Canadian broadcasting senator. The report indicated. That authorities were not certain why the fire truck crashed into a ditch off of highway 534. At approximately 9 AM on Tuesday morning. But confirm that the accident is under investigation. Officials confirm the report that only one person was in the fire truck and that no other vehicles -- involved in this accident. The second Canadian firefighter killed this week was killed in an explosion 129. The explosion caused by a fire analogue construction business killed one volunteer firefighter and changed another. In the north region of British Columbia Canada. According to report again from the Canadian broadcasting senator. The report indicates that the fire began around 4 AM. At the -- -- log construction company in -- be about 35 kilometers north of Vernon. Approximately two dozen area firefighters were believed to be on scene. And the fire was under control was under control when the -- exploded killing one firefighter. And injuring another. The firefighter killed was Daniel -- 29. He was killed when the -- just suddenly exploded after 5 -- After he and his crew had worked quickly to put that fire out according to another report from the province. Later Thursday afternoon. Lincoln leaves behind his wife Miranda who -- just married this year. And deepest sympathies go out to all of our Canadian friends and their families who've been impacted by these -- tragedies. From New York. And off duty FDNY firefighter rescued an elderly couple from the balcony of their burning home and Staten Island on Christmas night. The firefighter Stephen Carl -- off -- FDNY. Rescued the elderly Staten Island couple from the balcony of their burning apartment on Christmas night. According to New York Post. The report indicated that -- a seven year FDMY veteran. Was returning home after celebrating the holidays and his parents home with his wife and children in their car. -- spotted the flames at about 41145. PM above the roof line not far from his home. And proceeded to follow the trail of smoke to Atlantic avenue they're discovering it to family home on fire. Call quickly ran into the backyard police to the ground matter that he found laying on the ground next to the two story a balcony where the elderly couple. Robert -- 78. And his wife Mary Shafer 61 and their cat stood stranded after a few moments and difficulties with the latter. He Carl was able to bring them all down to safety our hats hats are off to Stephen for a great job and what a wonderful Christmas for that family. And fortunately the Great Recession continues to affect American firefighters. Across this -- and and this week we saw the closing of the Pontiac Michigan fire department with the outsourcing of Pontiac firefighting to a neighboring community. According to reports a deal has been finalized to outsource the Pontiac Michigan firefighting. To the city of Waterford aiming to save the city three million dollars a year. Signing this deal would close the Pontiac fire department outsource services to Waterford township. But they will offer jobs to as many of the Pontiac firefighters they can. According to the Pontiac city manager this was the only option for Pontiac despite dramatic concessions were which were offered by the firefighters union. Firefighters across the nation continue to deal with furloughs. Brown -- and other cost saving measures. As we struggle to maintain our capabilities to perform emissions in a safe and effective way. From Tulsa Oklahoma. Firefighter was recently released from hospital after suffering a smoke inhalation injury which -- him to require resuscitation. Outside of a single family house fire on New Year's Eve. The firefighter James O'Neal was suddenly overcome with smoke inhalation while battling a well involved arson fire a New Year's Eve in Tulsa Oklahoma. With the assistance of his crew O'Neal was able to make it to the front door where he was met by a rapid intervention team and immediately. Given emergency medical assistance O'Neill a second generation firefighter. -- a full respiratory arrest and was needed to be in debated and then transported to a local area hospital where he remained for several days. According to firefighters for some reason O'Neal's face peace. Possibly came disengaged from his regulator. And he was unable to reconnect. -- a seven year vet and he says he fully intends to return to duty as soon as possible. Well that's our news -- really like you to join us FDIC this year also please visit us on our fire ensuring FaceBook page and my FaceBook page -- -- -- home. Let us know how we can make your fire -- magazine and fire apparatus and equipment magazines work better for you. We'd love to hear from -- so contact us either our community site or FaceBook pages or shoot me an email directly. -- insure -- magazine it's the police were serious firefighters go to learn about our business to get information and to get training. Where exactly a hundred days away from FDIC. So join with me and 30000 out of -- old fellow serious firefighters. And -- celebrate the art and professional firefighting. I'll see there be part of the solution be part of the future be part of -- a difference. -- Bobby -- and that's the news I'll see you next week on the we can review and remember. Be careful.

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