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Week in Review: December 19, 2011

Wed, 21 Dec 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's firefighter news.



[MUSIC] Hi, thanks for clicking on us, this is the week in review and my name is Bobby Halton. Thanks for joining us. This week we're being brought to you by FDIC 2012, The Firefighters Instructors Conference is only 117 days away. So, now is the time to make your reservations to be in Indianapolis, April 16th through the 21st, to take part in the 84th annual FDIC. This April, the great city of Indianapolis during FDIC, will provide you with the opportunity to participate in over 20 hands on training classes. 68 Four-Hour pre-conference workshops and 192 classroom sessions with over 500 of the industry's leading speakers and instructors gathered together for the greatest week of fire service education and celebration ever. You wanna be there for the annual fool's bash on Wednesday night, where 20,000 firefighters all celebrate our work. You wanna be there for Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll, the national fallen firefighter annual super dinner and dancing evening, an incredible festivity. You wanna be there for the Courage and Valor Fun Run. You wanna be there for the giant Union party on Friday, where another 20,000 gather to celebrate FDIC, the fire service and the great union. And we haven't even mentioned the Battle of the Bands. The hundreds of gatherings and all the bars with different groups all around the city. The combat challenge. 900 vendors gather into the Lucas Oil Stadium and convention center roof for you to see the latest innovations in our business and industry. Honestly, there's just nothing like FDIC. Never has been, and there never will be. It's the one place where the fire service goes just to be the fire service. No agendas. No politics. Just training. Just fire fighting. Just a celebration of being part of the greatest profession in the history of the world. I'll see you at FDIC this April. Go to fdic.com and register today. And now to the week in review. Two New York City fire fighters are in serious condition after fighting a Brooklyn fire. A Brooklyn fire Monday morning left two FDNY fire fighters with serious burn injuries. The most seriously burned fire fighter was literally engulfed in flames when he was pulled to safety out of the third floor out of a Brooklyn brownstone. By a fellow firefighter Monday morning in a dramatic rescue that literally stunned bystanders. You can see the video on fireengineering.com. He'd been searching an empty apartment for a trapped occupant when the whole third floor erupted, flames shooting, sh, and shrapnel shooting out the window. All caught on video. The firefighter from Rescue 2 in crown heights was taken to Cornell University Medical Center in Manhattan with burns over 42% of his body. He was the most seriously injured firefighter, according to Deputy Chief Edward Bogot. Another firefighter was also taken to Cornell with serious injuries, and two others had minor injuries. To read more, go to the article on FireEngineering.com and also be sure to listen to the audio of the Mayday. Our thoughts and prayers are with those fire fighters for a speedy recovery and a complete recovery. California Fire Department responds to a violent incident is criticized in Oakland. Members of the Oakland community are questioning the fire department engine company's action as a man lie dying in an intersection after being shot. Last November a young man named Darius Jenkins lie on the ground bleeding as friends and neighbors panicked. Sam McNeil. And attending, an attendance counselor for Mcneil's High School, crouched to the side, and urged him to keep breathing. While Ron Mohammed, a widely known community organizer, ran to the fire station, about a block away. There Mohammed discovered a truck full of fire fighters, waiting on the tarmac. What's going on asked Mr. Mohammed. Something is happening to this guy and you're all just sitting here he said. The fire fighters replied, it's our policy, we have to wait for the police. Just as in most departments around the nation, fire fighters are required to wait for law enforcement to arrive before entering a violent crime scene. The policy's intended to keep us safe. From potentially violent acts still in progress. Unfortunately, in Oakland, like many parts of the United States, the Fire Department paramedics and engine companies are often faster than the police. The delay in medical treatment confuses local residents. They don't understand how danger it can be for us to respond unescorted. PIOs and Fire Department officials need to always emphasize the need for firefighters to have protection from dangerous criminals and dangerous crowds, so that we can do our work and not become statistics ourselves. Fire engineering strongly supports firefighters and emergency medical responders across the country, waiting for police assistance. Anytime they feel their safety can be compromised by entering a potentially violent situation. Fallen firefighter in Wister was laid to rest this past Thursday. Thousands of firefighters from across the country gathered Thursday morning. To pay our final respects for Wester firefighter John Davies, who was killed while conducting a search in a triple decker last week. He was laid to rest this Thursday morning. Firefighters stood in full dress uniform thousands deep to pay the respects and to support the family and friends of this brave and beautiful man. Please keep John, his family, and friends, in your thoughts, and prayers, during this blessed Christmas, and Hanukkah holiday. Our finally story ends on a positive note. Florida commissioners plan to rehire laid off firefighters. Commissioners in the East Naples fire district, voted three to two. To take approximately $400,000 in reverb, reserve funds to pay for five firefighters laid off in late October through September of 2012. With no new revenues found since the nine firefighters were laid off in late October, the commissioners of the cash-strapped Naples Fire District will dip into dwindling reserve funds to restore some services. And put five of those laid off back to work. The five rehired firefighters were laid off in late October. Part of cuts made to save a million bucks, and help curb the district's 3.2 million dollar shortfall. The 50 remaining firefighters, also saw their pay cut by 14 to 17 percent. And have to contribute more to their pensions. An estimated 1.5 million in savings. Since the layoffs, an engine company was taken out of service in favor of a smaller squad, 17 times. Interim chief Kingman Shultz said the Bayshore Drive fire station was temporarily closed another eight times. Bring the five firefighters back should improve the situation according to the chief. At Tuesday's meeting a vote was taken first to rehire all nine laid off firefighters. That vote failed. A second vote to restore the five jobs passed. The firefighters union president, Chris Tobin, said he wanted all nine firefighters back on the jo. But was hardened by the compromise. At this difficult times, although we would have liked to have seen all nine firefighters rehired, all of us must celebrate any small victory we can. Well that's the news. Remember FDIC is just 117 days away. It is going to be the greatest fire service celebration ever. I hope to see you all there. On behalf of everyone here at FireEngineering we would like to wish you a very Happy Hanukkah and a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year. My name's Bobby Halton. God bless you and your families. And remember, please, be careful. [MUSIC]

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