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Week in Review: November 14, 2011

Thu, 17 Nov 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire news.


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-- thanks for -- -- you're watching that we can review I'm Bobby -- editor in chief of fire engineering. And this week were brought to you by our good friends at Columbia Southern University. Colombia's southern specializes in fire science degrees both at the associate level and -- the -- well. If you're thinking about getting a degree in fire science you can and you will get it done with Colombia's Southern University. Go to Columbia southern university's website and learn about how easy and affordable it is to get your degree online. And now -- that we can review. The Forest Service was saddened by the death of Hal Bruno at the age of 83. How -- a long time reporter for ABC. As well as chairman emeritus of the national fallen firefighters foundation. How served as a dedicated member of his local volunteer fire department and was an advocate commentator and leader in the fire service his entire life. The fire service lost a great friend you can read more about him -- fire injuring dot com and at the national fallen firefighters web site. From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The urban search and rescue alliance leadership -- in Oklahoma City this week. And we treated by mother nature to a series of earthquakes tornadoes and some flooding here in the state of Oklahoma. As members of the alliance met in the state of Oklahoma was rattled by aftershocks. From the strongest earthquake and its history of five point six. Which rattled buildings and crack some foundations throughout the state. The alliance elected new officers and met with executive members of -- -- urban search and rescue program. Fire engineering strongly supports the efforts of the alliance. As they continue to support state local teams and providing service to their communities if you're -- -- working on your state or local urban search and rescue. Contact the alliance for more information on the team closest to you. From Minnesota. The Minnesota board of firefighter training and education. Notified Minnesota's 790. Fire departments. Of their 2012. Training reimbursement grants. The statewide grand total exceeds two million dollars. The Minnesota department of public safety issued the following. The fire safety account was created by the Minnesota legislature in 2006. It is funded by a fire safety surcharge on all homeowner and certain commercial insurance policies in Minnesota. The fire safety advisory committee makes recommendations to the commissioner of the state department of public safety on the use of -- Steve clarity Grand Rapids fire chief says that many fire departments are using this money for basic firefighter training. Others are able to reinforce basic skills with firefighter to auto education water rescue and other higher level courses. Chris must be claimed to reimbursement process by June 30 of 2012. The amount of each -- is based upon two factors. The amount of money collected by the fund and the number of firefighters and each department. This year the per firefighter rate is 101 dollars and 85 cents. In a follow up to a story last week about the tragic death of four year old. Rebecca Woodruff of Houston she's the used in toddler who was run over her driveway. Houston fire chief Terry garrison recently revised his controversial dispatch policy. By now allowing firefighters -- emergency call to request an advanced ambulance before they reach the incidents. The policy came under criticism after an accident resulting in the death of four year old Rebecca Woodruff. Our deepest sympathies to the Woodruff family and our compliments to chief garrison for -- so quickly and decisively in the midst of this tragic situation. The city of Houston and used to firefighters. A well served by leadership such as chief garrison who can accept criticism review data and make decisive changes quickly and effectively. With only a 150 days until FDIC serious firefighters are reminded that slots are filling up fast. And with an expected overall attendance of approximately 30000 people please register soon and get the classes you want and the hotel location you desire. Several of the hands on classes are already filling up. So make sure register soon and don't miss out on the best fire service training in America. Remember please visit the Columbia so -- website. And learn more about how you can obtain your associates degree in fire science or your bachelor's degree in fire science. Improving your chances of promotion increasing your understanding of our profession and making you a better leader. You can and you will earn your degree with Colombia's Southern University. Learn more about their affordable and effective online higher education by going to colonias or other southern university's web site. And get started today toward a better future for you your family and your community. I'm -- home that's the news I'll see you and Indianapolis and 153. Days and remember please.

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