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Inside Darley - April 2012

Tue, 1 May 2012|



I am appalled by early next retreating into our April issue of inside -- early I gonna tell -- I'm just back from a whirlwind trip to southeast Asia and every country that I visited on this trip -- they were interested primarily in -- products that we offer. What is our compressed -- phone systems are camps and the other was water purification. And I have to tell you and the caps and it really reminded me how -- is the world leader in compressed -- -- and why we currently have our systems and over forty countries around the world. No going back we first introduced cast before any other company in the world back in the late 1970s. The mid ninety's we bought wouldn't -- systems -- organ. And now we have our complete line from -- small units all the way up to our auto -- -- that covers the entire gambit of compressed -- -- so. If you're not familiar with those products reach out to us would love to send you some information you can go to our website and go under -- compressed air -- section and you'll find all sorts of details. It was adjusting the US wire service got a lot of some real press on March 13 on the Wall Street Journal ran an article called putting out fires for a feet. It talked about a small community down -- bell county Kentucky which is now. Charging an annual service -- if you want to have they fire put out your home in the event your home catches on fire. Kind of a throwback to the olden days of -- the late seventeen hundreds -- You would buy insurance up -- to put a metallic -- on your home it's very similar to what this departments doing so. You might wanna check out this article was interesting too because the article went back in -- -- did dived into a lot of the statistical data that is put out by NFPA. And they looked at the data from 2000 to 2010 and they found that there were over 28 million fire calls. In EMS calls by fire departments in America during that ten year period. And of all the calls that they were doing you'll from EMS to has meant to emergency response and rescue. All of those calls -- -- drastically with the exception of responding to actual fire calls the actual number of fire calls was down 22%. And down. Four point 6% in in 2010 just alone. -- -- 28 point five million. Sixteen and a half million of those calls during that ten year period were -- minister medical related calls. Than. Mutual aid was up 37%. Has -- -- is up 26%. A false alarms are up 28%. In other calls are up 44%. So pretty interesting data we encourage -- to take a look at that. We just mailed in the last week or so over a 100000 copies of our latest firefighting equipment catalog so hopefully look for -- your station -- your home. To arrive by the end of April if you haven't received and are ready. If you can't wait you can actually download a copy of -- -- by clicking on the attachment or go to -- -- that -- and you can download that under our equipment section. We also mailed during the month of march our new pricing to -- and pumps and water purification too large early OEMs and distributors so. Hopefully you've downloaded that pricing if you have not -- simply go to our website under our pump division section go to the OEM distributor pricing. Plug in your password you can download that. That's a hassle just send me a quick email or -- to do on agent -- dot com will be able to send you off your password of PDF or even a hard copy of that pricing if you'd like. We did delay their price increase several months in light of the economic conditions and it it all in our -- and increase that took place was was very minimal. Well below the Producer Price Index for pump manufacturers. We're busy getting ready for the FDIC like you are gonna have all of our new products there that over ten new products including our new PSD silent -- -- -- The -- pump into new water purification home bunker line here. So hopefully you'll stop off and visit us at that show. If you're a die early this disciple that somebody who goes out really -- -- news and our earlier a Donnelly commander which is a fire department who. Demands darn early in their equipment and their pumps on their trucks and all we hope that you'll make time to visit us at our reception -- Friday evening. Hopefully you've received an invitation for that if you haven't contact us we'll get or -- -- -- you we're looking for RS -- by April 7. -- should go to dawn H dar lead that can. If you're an exhibitor at that show we know how expensive it is to exhibit at the show -- actually -- -- for you here. Just some tips on working a trade show -- to make sure that you would your company get the best out of that show that. You make sure that your following up on those leads and engaging prospects properly as they come by your -- So thanks for tuning into this issue of inside darling if there's anything we can be doing to a -- we hope you reach out to us thank you very much.