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Week in Review: Tulsa Aircraft Training, UL Vent Tests

Mon, 9 Apr 2012|

This week, Chief Bobby Halton visits with the Tulsa (OK) Fire Department for some unique training on aircraft emergencies and talks to Steve Kerber of Underwriters Laboratories about their vertical ventilation research.



I don't volley home thanks for clicking on us and welcome to the week in review we really appreciate you check and then. This week will be brought to buy FDIC the fire department instructors conference gonna happen this April. The sixteenth the fifteenth rather through the 21. Be part of the greatest fire service training conference in the world with over 200 classes seventy workshops and 21 hands on training revolutions. We know this is the show you don't want to -- hands on training is being filled up with the 49 sessions 45 of them already sold out. -- space is limited but still available. Also Leo workshops are starting to fill up classes are wide open you know how the FDIC worksheet gonna -- -- want. So if you -- -- come down FDIC can register on site we can go to FDIC dot com we have some space left and some downtown hotels. But we're anticipating over 30000 people but this year is FDIC. Got a great lineup for your social events with the fools bash. Started off on Wednesday evening. On Thursday evening we have these five K -- dollar fund run if you go to FDIC you can still register run for the good for the -- run. We have the stop drop rock and roll we have the stair climb -- -- the combat challenge. Friday night we have the battle of the bands and now brand new this year the union party is coming downtown. So were anticipating tens of thousands of people joining us to celebrate FDIC. Downtown Friday night. In Indianapolis you won't have to leave the comfort of the hotel region and you can enjoy the the hospitality of the union party and then go out to the other establishments. If you make may need to continue Europe evening's activities. But FDIC is in full swing right now it just about a week and a half away so I hope they get to see there at FDIC. This week and we can review to great stories we all brag about our training props and how realistic they are. Well it's going to be hard to beat the Tulsa fire department they got their hands on -- DC tan and -- you see the training that they conducted. And -- realistic training so that they can be better prepared to handle aircraft emergencies amazing piece of video and we'd like to thank our video producer mark -- For that short piece. Our second piece comes to you from the -- well labs you can get inside the -- see how they were conducted. One on one conversation with Steve Gerber and we know you're gonna find that very interest thing so now the news. Stand -- -- fire department. And we're out here today doing -- -- training we're actually getting to practice on an airplane -- omni air has allowed us to use right before they send it to -- So we can actually attack it from several different. Points and our crews can actually operated as the crews are going to be -- that have enlarged -- during the training. This is a chance to actually get our hands on a plane that just came off the line. And still casts everything we do is what we're gonna have actually hearing cases are in the summer it there -- bracing for me outside. We use our drive -- novel idea elevated our we'll. Anything that we may want. Or need to use an -- they were allowed to -- -- -- mind. Just one of our our responsibilities this new. Rescue trapped victims and downloaded this try to -- known -- first reverse Texas and the last resort is forcing them. We have an opportunity here is that he's too thin there retarded that and we've got to scrap that so we cannot -- -- -- -- forcible entry skills. We have the rescue task force -- also. And down our our team we're trying different tactics different -- -- until. Think that in the few awards -- effectively and how Long Will it take and -- -- practice coordinating and do our state inject some things right now. Spores found is -- around the windows. It's the best area just off the floor about twelve inches and disability. -- is that about six inches so you're not getting into. Lot of assistants aren't in there the hydraulic electronics the dramatics. -- lines are not going to be there they're going to be in the floor and the so good in this area as not only more accessible. That is less. Problems appended to different system. Probably their best experiences that we're actually getting the cut. On. The real deal and so we're dealing with things that normally you would deal with the -- with the elevated hides. Working overhead working level low. -- -- able to see. From the -- stand on the inside and see what's going on. This is one of those incidents that we hope never happens. But this is -- good experience for us. -- case it does happen here some day. We've got Steve carver and Tom they're looking at the data from the last fire Steve what we looking at here. Yeah we're looking at pretty much the the brains and where everything's being recorded. We've got eight different video views that -- recording for every test so you can see then popped up on quads on the monitors there. Firefighters are very visual learners we want them to be able to see what's happening in every room during every test now. When I looked at the first far as much -- first fire typical room and contents. -- fire. How quickly based on management issue was that -- non survivable and others. How quickly into the -- do you think that fire was people just you just couldn't survive it. Within four minutes while you're if you were -- bedroom -- -- minute Q and other parts of the house would take a little bit longer but. Yet it became very untenable so we're looking at here is. The temperatures at every foot in the bedroom -- can see that the fired -- Kinda ran out air and stayed steady. And then as soon as -- open that window. There's your temperature -- the risks and so it was a flash experience almost instantaneous there was less than five seconds you can see you get a little. A little dip as the air rushes in and then within 510 seconds. You've got feelings throughout the entire room and temperatures over 15100 degrees throughout this is the hallway so if you were advancing a line into that bedroom. You can see that. Com this is when the window got vented. She can see that at the upper layer temperatures took off bomb if the firefighter was on the ground. Temperature still slowly began to creep up. But. It didn't cool at all. I mean opening that windows did not drop temperatures it it increased temperatures increased temperatures absolutely so it's. It's understanding the timing and immunity and by no means a re saying don't think that window what we're saying is be in a position to put water on fire before you and that window. Well thanks for joining us I know you're gonna be excited to get to FDIC this here I am. With only about eight days to go before the show begins. Were rampant up everybody's getting ready. I'll be boots on the ground next week in Indianapolis. So if you need to get ahold of me you can always get -- -- -- three email or my cellphone those of you need to get all the make. It's going to be a great show. 30000 of your closest friends enjoying the finest fire service training available in the world. I'd like to thank everybody who's made a possible all the vendors all the instructors. All the -- attendees. All the staff and volunteers. And especially the good folks Indianapolis we couldn't do without you without all the good help from our -- and all the departments around there that support us. We couldn't put over 4000 students today through the hands on training so and everybody has helped us our heartfelt gratitude it's all he used -- -- engineering and FDIC. He can't make it this year we'll see an FDIC next year. If you come and FDIC. I'll see -- there. I'm -- home to spend the week in review and remember please.

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