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Draeger FDIC 2012 Preview

Wed, 11 Apr 2012|

See everything Dräger has to offer for fire training, Hazmat, Overhaul, & firefighting. Try out their new UCF 9000 TIC, suit up and take a trip through their SCBA maze, or check their live fire training systems. Like & follow them on Facebook & Twitter at "Draeger US Fire" to stay informed about ...



Welcome to FDI CE 2012. Visit our Booth this year to see everything that breaker offers required training has -- overhaul and fire fight. Trying out our -- UCF. Ultra high resolution. UCL nine. You can also loosened up with a great it's -- 7000. Test -- agility and live spaces. Afterwards make sure you stop fire campaign rehab. Can cool off and enjoy some refreshment. -- take a tour through one of our live fire training system. -- follow us on FaceBook and Twitter at -- US fire and stay informed about -- the -- Breaker and all the latest topics in fires are. We look forward to seeing you in -- --

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